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Bukavu Congo
Follow-up december 2017
Follow-up april 2018





Project 76 – Bukavu – Extension chicken farm    

Location:             Democratic Republic of Congo – South Kivu – Bukavu –
                            Psychiatric centre Sosame

Project leadtime: 12 months

Requestor:          Jean-Jacques Chishibanji for ANUPF association

Description of the project:

On February 8th 2017 we signed an agreement to get 1.000 € to support the patients with the highest needs with medical care. With this money we bought chickens, an electrical breeding machine, food and a shelter for the chickens. The project is evolving well. Monthly the breeding machines gives us chickens and the chickens give us eggs. Part of these are sold to buy medication for some patients and food for the chickens (see monthly reports).
The main target is that the patients with the highest needs could start growing chickens themselves. Therefor we want to give the chicks (29 at the moment) at an age of 4 months to the families. Therefore we have a demand of food and we need to teach the families how to grow chickens so they produce many eggs; these eggs they can sell so they can buy their medication and food for the chickens. The current production is only sufficient to help 4 ambulant patients, to buy food for the chickens and to offer an egg meal to for 4 patient who stay with us and don’t get any external help.
By this extension we hope to help more patients and to give more families their own chickens so they can start growing them.

A big saving we will get by growing the food ourselves. The current expenditures in fact hinder us to evolve faster with the first project (see reports).
This project includes:
- The purchase of a piece of land to grow food for the patients and chickens.
- Increasing the number of chickens so we can sell more eggs
- A bigger chicken farm, with fence, so chickens can run outside as well

After 4 months and realising the above mentioned, we will be able to give chickens to the families


- Fasten and extend the production to 60 eggs a day
- Grow more chicks and chickens to increase the help so we can help 25 instead of 4 patients
- Produce eggs and chickens to fight the malnutrition and allow giving good food (e.g. by giving an
egg meal to all patients in the weekend)
- Help 3 families ever trimester by giving them each 5 chickens and donate them the first chicken food so they can start growing them
- Purchase of a piece of land (1 ha) to grow food for the chickens and the needy patients


Anupf-rd congo and their target group, the patients of the psychiatric clinic, their families and the population of south-Kivu in general


5.195 US$, being 4.350 €


Epidemic diseases and a shortage of food; insufficient space for the chickens

Attached documents:



Follow-up of the project

Date:                December 26th 2017
Name project:  Project 76 – Bukavu – Extension chicken farm

General status:

On September 30th we were the happy beneficiaries of a funding of € 4.350 (extension chicken farm). The purpose is to increase the productivity and improve the support of the psychiatric patients. We bought a field (cultivation of beans and corn), we constructed a new bigger chicken farm and bought 20 additional chickens. We’re doing a test now with 12 guineas and 10 rabbits. All the chicks were victim of a predator. But the re-start will soon take place in secured cages. Lately we got 11 chicks out of the 20 placed eggs.  In general, all goes smooth and the sick people have good hope.

Progress since last status report:

- The chickens produce eggs regularly: we sell part of them to the personnel of Sosame and the other part is used in the kitchen of the centre (each weekend a egg meal). The new chickens, guineas and rabbits are not yet productive.
- We harvested already 123 kg of beans from our own field. We donated 25 kg to the Sosame-kitchen and the remaining part was divided amongst the 33 (day) patients. A small part we kept as seeds for season B (January). 
- The corn harvest is done. We don’t know the yield yet as the corn still has to be peeled and ground. So to be continued..
- The harvest of manioc is planned for July
- In the middle of January we will sow beans (season B).
- The medication for 5 patients is paid and we predict that by the end of January we can support more patients.
- We paid the food, the veterinarian and the medication for the chickens and bought 12 guineas and 10 chickens (test profitability)

Financial status:

Activities versus budget are attached


  • Predators are attacking the chicks
  • The verbal threat of the new director to kick us out. According to him one institute can’t accommodate another….while all activities we do are for the benefit of the patients of the psychiatric centre.
  • The problem to follow up the harvests (transport of the yield to Bukavu, the peeling and grinding and the packaging). These costs were not budgeted for !
  • Lack of financial means for the legal registration (as protection of the private property)
  • More and more requests for help; on top of that the Sosame centre doesn’t get financial support at the moment and increased the cost of care

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):

Overview of expenditures and pictures


Follow-up april 2018

Date: Bukavu april 1th, 2018
Name project: project 76 : chicken farm, RD Congo

General status:

Chicken farming (chickens and chicks) is running smoothly: with the new poultry house safety is optimal. For the Guinea pigs and the rabbits, who died because of the cold, heating is installed in their lofts. Furthermore, the situation is stable in terms of temperature.
The growing fields are also evolving: after harvesting beans and maize, we will harvest the manioc in July. (We expect a good harvest)

Progress since last status report:

- The chickens lay regularly. We sell a part to the staff and a part to the kitchen of Sosame for the meal of the patients at the weekends.
- The new chickens start to lay.
- Currently there are: 34 chickens, 3 cocks, 16 chicks of 3 months and 4 of 1 month.
- 3 pilot families start with their own breeding with five chickens. The lofts are installed and the chickens will move at the end of April.
- The new lofts are heated.
- The chicken farm is self-supporting in terms of: costs for food, vaccines and medicines.
- Given the place we now have, we are going to sell chicks: 100 chicks per week that we feed during a month and then we sell them. Result: see next report.
- The number of beneficiaries has increased from 4 to 9 (see invoice Sosame)
- We paid $ 25 for the 2nd treatment of the field to plant Manioc.

Financial status:

See Planning, activities and expenses.


- Transport of the yield to Bukavu, sowing and packaging: outside the budget planning.
- Lack of money for the cadastre.
- Increasing requests for help daily. Due to the difficult financial situation, Sosame increases the costs for healthcare.
- The misunderstanding with the new director has been resolved: good relationship and understanding.
- There are concerns regarding a mill and a peeling machine .... to boost the culture and to meet the demand for help. Which will make our project self-supporting.

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):

Planning, activities and expenses.



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