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Kabale Uganda 2018
Follow-up 2019





CRVO – Cultivation of Irish potatoes

Location:             Kabale, Uganda

Project leadtime: 1 year

Requestor:      Leonard Tumwesigye on behalf of Children Rescue Voluntary Organisation (CRVO)

Description of the project:

In Uganda agriculture is the key sector of the economy that provides 80% employment and a livelihood to the majority of the poor and their households.  Irish potatoes is the highly marketable product, which takes only four months each harvesting season. When on a large scale there are high chances of getting enough funds to support all CRVO children’s education and the basic essentials, like medication, clothes, food, scholastic materials among others. A land of 10 acres (4 hectares) will be rented and both children, staff and guardians will be involved in the planting, weeding and harvesting.


  • To meet basic requirements of children
  • To equip children and guardians with agriculture skills.
  • To enable households get seeds
  • To promote team work amongst children
  • To remove barriers that affect children’s education


The children at CRVO (school fees and basic needs) and the families where they are living (seeds)


The total budget is 40.860.000 Uganda Shillings, being 9.966 €


Natural risks

Attached documents:

Detailed project proposal and detailed budgeting


Follow-up of the project



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