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Kamonyi Rwanda 2018
Follow-up 2018





Rwanda Charity Eye Hospital

Location:   Ruyenzi, Runda, Kamonyi district, Rwanda

Project leadtime:2018 -2019

Requestor: Piet Noë

Description of the project:

Rwanda Charity Eye Hospital is a new eye hospital in Rwanda that wants to be accessible to all patients, especially poor patients. Different types of eye operations will be performed, as well as treatment of children with eye cancer and laser treatments. An important mission of the new eye hospital is also training: young African ophthalmologists and nurses will be able to follow practical internships.


For the hospital to function, a large investment is required: infrastructure (buildings), equipment for the consultation rooms and operating room, and equipment for the rooms and rooms where the patients will be hospitalized. Because we expect many children to be operated, general anaesthesia is required. We want to purchase the necessary material for this.
Because it is unaffordable to buy this material all in Europe, we have searched this material in China. In October 2017 we visited several Chinese companies (in Guangzhou). 'Maya medical equipment limited' seemed to be a company with a good reputation (pro forma invoice for the material for general anaesthesia).


  • Patients suffering from eye diseases. We expect patients from all over Rwanda, as well as from neighbouring countries (Burundi, East DRC and Uganda).
  • Ophthalmologists and staff will be able to do practical training (internships / fellowships) at the eye hospital.


14 778.98 Euro (17 764.69 USD) (1USD = 0.83 Euro)


Starting a new hospital certainly involves some risks. The founders of the new hospital (Piet Noë and Pierre Claver Ndahayo) have 9 years of experience in running an eye hospital in Rwanda (the eye department of Kabgayi Hospital). Because the hospital also wants to treat poor patients, it will be important that also some better paying patients will be treated in the hospital, so that the hospital would become self-reliant. The relationship between the number of patients with well-paying insurance companies and the patients insured with 'Mutuel de santé' (with low rates) will determine whether the hospital will become financially independent.

Attached documents:

Pro forma invoice of the different instruments that are mainly needed to make general anaesthesia possible (which is always necessary for eye operations of children).


Follow-up of the project