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Soroti Uganda 2018
Follow-up august 2018





Goat rearing

Location:             Katine, 29 kms from Soroti town, East Uganda

Project leadtime: 6 months

Requestor:          James Alemu, coordinator, on behalf of Hands for Children

Description of the project:

Goats are quickly maturing animals, easy to breath at low cost and low in maintenance. The project will provide 40 goats to 40 children to raise at home to create an income and to support their education. Hands for Children support 200 orphans and vulnerable children. By this multiplication they strive to offer every child a goat within 2 years. A goat stable will be constructed with 10 goats as demonstration site for the beneficiaries and the local community. Goats are used for milk and meat, and the skin for fabrics, shoes and house mats. The drops and urine will be used as manure.


  • Train the beneficiaries in goat rearing
  • Provide a goat as income source so families can afford school fees, scholastic materials, uniforms, medicines, basic needs,…
  • Reduce malnutrition


  • 200 orphans and vulnerable children who are included in extended families
  • Extended families who have space and a shelter for goat rearing

Budget: Total budget of 3.400 €


Unit price (Uganda Shillings)


Total price (Uganda Shillings)

Female goats




Male goats






3 months











There are no risk in keeping goats. On topic there are no religious taboos neither against goat rearing and neither on the meat consumption.

Attached documents:

  • Introduction to hands for children (hands4children)
  • Detailed project proposal and budgeting


Follow-up of the project

Date:                August 18th 2018
Name project: Project 85: Goat rearing

General status:

The project started very smooth and is close to ending the implementation phase. 46 vulnerable children and 1 widow with 6 orphans were selected since the number of goats was limited to 50. Each child was asked to keep the goat for multiplication or breeding purpose. At the time of giving each child was given a chance to select a goat of choice.

Progress since last status report:

  1. Hands for children staff trained 46 orphans and vulnerable children and their households in goats rearing and management
  2. Procured and distributed 50 goats to 46 orphans in Katine sub county, Soroti-district. 10 goats are housed in a goats stable for one widow with 6 orphans, as demonstration site
  3. Procured drugs and treated 50 goats (vaccination and de-worming by a para-vet) for the project.

1 male goat still has to be purchased.

Financial status:

About 80% of the funding has been used in the project activities, in the purchase of goats, the building of goats stable, goats treatment, etc.  There are still a few areas to be completed.


  1. The overwhelming number of the vulnerable children in the project area in Katine sub county - Soroti district  in Uganda
  2. High cost of goats.

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):




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