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Global Market  Lier 25.11.2012

A journey around the world in a single afternoon. That is quite simply the intention of the world market, organized by the city of Lier on Sunday, November 25th in cc De Mol, with great success.

The turnout and the atmosphere were great!
For those who do not know yet: the global market is a vibrant melting pot of bright stalls, a large feast of colors, smells, sounds, and especially of flavors tingling all of your senses. Here is the atmosphere of the Arab soeks and African bazaars, of southern outdoor cafes and Asian pagodas. Lier is alive and well.

On the world market there were under more stands with handcrafted jewelry, exotic clothing and scented herbs. You could also get information of various non-governmental organizations (NGOS) and other organizations who are active in the south through various solidarity activities.

Everyone, big and small, could participate in an on-going basis to the open workshops, where there was experimented with Moroccan spices, making a Mexican jewelry or learning how to prepare fresh sushi. Or you were inspired how to lay out your own vegetable or flavour garden on only one square meter, and learned how to use a minimum of effort and time to obtain a maximum yield harvest.

At the stand of 'Vleugels van Hoop' you could taste a delicious "moambe-dish',  with a little explanation of the various projects in central Africa.

On the podium performed Jean Bosco Safari, godparent of the association 'Vleugels van Hoop, the African music combo Kundi, the Thai dance group The Thai Belles, the Armenian dancers of Haiq and the tango ensemble Conventillo.

From text of Gazet van Antwerpen.

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