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Kadungulu Uganda
Follow-up 2023






Solar project      

Location:               Serere district, Kadungulu, Uganda

Project leadtime: 6 months

Requestor:            Apetu Joseph on behalf of Innovative Youth with Action Uganda

Description of the project:

This project aims to replace the kerosene lamps with clean energy solar lanterns for 50 households, to reduce dependence on kerosene, which in turn reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The project will contribute to less indoor pollution and a lower risk of burns and eye problems, longer study time for children and working hours for adults, and improved safety for women and children.
The beneficiaries will pay a monthly fee for 12 months, which is the amount they spend monthly for the purchase of kerosene. With the monthly contribution contributed by the beneficiary households, we can distribute 2 additional solar lanterns per month to another 2 beneficiary households.


Reduce energy poverty and reduce dependence on kerosene by providing 50 households with reliable, clean and sustainable solar lanterns.


50 vulnerable households

Budget: 4.553 Euro


Little risk: an effective Monitoring and Evaluation system for the successful implementation of the project will be established.

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Follow-up of the project



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