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Vleugels birthday



Vleugels van hoop celebrates first birthday with nine projects

Tuesday, 07 october 2008, ‘Vleugels van Hoop’ vzw exist one year. The board is proud to realize in this short period different projects in Rwanda en Burundi.

Vleugels van Hoop

No less than 9 projects were started in the region of the big lakes, in Central Africa, in just one year. Some of them are already finalized. Below you’ll find a short overview. You can find more information at their website.

1.‘Twese Hamwe’ (All together) in Kigali -Rwanda is a socio-cultural centre. The vzw helped with the canalization of a undulating area suffering of lots of erosion.

2. In the same ‘Twese Hamwe’ a project ‘Household education’ was started. There is a big need for well trained personnel: hotels, families, district restaurants and snack bars are demanding personnel.
In Augustus 2008 'Vleugels van Hoop' decided to purchase serving goods (plates, glasses,….).

3. The association ‘Dushigikire Amahoro I Burundi’ (Working together in peace in Burundi) has build a sewing work shop in Mabayi Burundi. The objective of the association is to prepare young people, who quitted school (read primary education) too early, to foresee themselves in life needs, as well as to help their families.  This project is finalized and Works very well. Every day more and more people want to participate.

4. ‘Captation of rain water’ in the school of Munyinya in Rwanda.
This project could be started in the end of September thanks to the turnover of the big summer party in Moerbeke-Waas.
In a school with more than thousand pupils, the capturing of the rain water from the roof and collecting it in water reservoirs is a blessing. Children don’t need to make the long walk to the water source anymore, so they have more time to study. Introducing hygiene: washing of hands and feet, maintenance of the class rooms, toilets. Mooring and maintenance of the gardens around the school. Protection of the environment.

5. ‘New Horizons’ in Bujumbura – Burundi. On April 14th an association started for the students of the small seminar of Kanyosha. Computer classes for students are funded.

6. Project ‘Implant pastures’. Within the massive agriculture project of ‘Centre Memorial Gisimba’ in Kigali – Rwanda, ‘Vleugels van Hoop’ decided to support the implant of pastures with as turnover the production of feed plants and to create jobs for youngsters.

7. Sewing & Knitting work shop near Cyangugu – Rwanda. Establishing a small work shop for knitting & sewing and embroidery for person with HIV, with the AIDS virus contaminated young women and their children. The objective is to learn a profession and provide social activity to the earlier exclude people.

8. At  the same spot : Framing and providing means to start the growing of rabbits, chickens and goats.

9. Milk cow Cyangugu - Rwanda. 'The milk cow project' looks at First sight maybe as a very ‘small’ project but it is, in First instance, the story of lots of emotions and ‘close’ contact with the local people’, Lut De Cremer from Ronse tells us. Cyangugu is a city a the lake Kivu in the south west of Rwanda. Close to the health centre is the bridge making the vorder with Congo. Next doors to this health centre a group of 'Vleugels van Hoop' stayed over. Over there Benedicte showed us the health centre and shared her dream to buy a good milk cow. The area is very poor and lots of women, coming on consultation, even miss the mean to give their children a cup of milk. Consequence: diseases and malnutrition. Maybe later on we can buy more cows and strengthen the children that way.

Everybody who agrees with the ideas of ‘Vleugels van Hoop’ vzw can support them on bank account 001-5300142-41.

Het Nieuwsblad – Koen Lauwereyns – 02.10.2008

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