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Bukavu Congo 2018
Follow-up 2018






Name project:    Processing of agricultural products mays, soya, sorgo and
                            manioc – Mill and unpeel machine

Location:             Fomulac Katana/Bukavu in RD Congo (because of constant
                           electricity and agricultural area)

Project leadtime: 12 months

Requestor:          Jean-Jacques Chishibanji / ANUPF asbl

Description of the project:

The Anupf association supports psychiatric patients and their families with the objective to improve life circumstances for the most vulnerables and to help them in their care and nutrition. To reach this objective we have 2 activities: chicken farming and cultivation of corn, beans and manioc. These 2 activities are having good results but we’re facing some new challenges: the request for helping the patients increases, the purchase of corn for the chickens, … To tackle this we were thinking about processing of agricultural products. A mill and unpeeling machine will allow us to transform our own products but also these from the farmers in the neighbourhood which generates a small income and an increase of the value of their products. We will be able to sell flour and to buy food for the most vulnerables. We believe we will increase our independency by these activities and we will be able to help more persons. The machines will be located at the site of Fomulac Katana as this is constantly electricity.


- Processing of corn, sorgo, soya and manioc to flour
- Produce chicken feed on large scale and increase the productivity of the chickens (more eggs and chicks)
- Auto-financing becomes stable and continuous
- The increase the value of agricultural products in our area
- Produce more agricultural products to be able to increase the number of beneficiaries
- Create employment at the mill


Psychiatric patients in the Sosame centre.
The farmers in our region around Anupf asbl


5990 USD or 5165 euro



Attached documents:


Follow-up of the project