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Bweyeye Rwanda 2018
Follow-up 2018





Installation of tanks for rainwater collection
at a primary school R.I. and the surrounding village (30 households)

Location:   Rwamagare, Gikungu, Bweyeye, Rusizi, Rwanda

Project leadtime: 1 year

Requestor: Ir. GATETE Eustache

Description of the project:

Better access to safe water supplies has beneficial effects. 
The women and girls save time and have a reduction in workload.
Moreover, children do not have to walk for kilometers anymore to (untreated) water sources.
The provision of water tanks contributes to sustainable development and eliminates dirt and diseases caused by poor sanitation (cholera and diarrhea).


- Collect rainwater and store in water tanks;
- Contribute to improved hygiene and sanitation;
- Meeting water needs of poor households (Twa families);
- Access to safe water for women and girls;
- Contributing to the management of rainwater;
- Promoting hygiene of poor families (rural areas).


A primary school R.I in Bweyeye, and the surrounding village with 30 households


8,525,200 RwFr (exchange rate: 1€ = 1030,54 RwFr)


- Natural risks (climate change, natural disasters, contamination by bacteria, etc.),
- Lack of funding for the start of the project.

Attached documents:


Follow-up of the project