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Kicukiro Rwanda 2018
Follow-up 2018





MACPELLA – Soap and juice production

Location:                       Kicukiro – Kigali - Rwanda

Project leadtime:         24 months

Requestor:                    Christophe Uwitije for Education for All

Description of the project:

"Education for All " plans activities for unemployed youngsters, pupils and students (during vacations) to combat drug abuse and other harmful behaviour in the society. The coaching of the young people, in particular with revenue-generating activities, can create a change in behaviour. Macpella soap and juice production is one of the activities initiated by the youngsters of Kicukiro themselves to help their own development and those of their communities.


  • Combat drug abuse and harmful behaviour in the society
  • Establishing a rotating microcredit system (the first project finances the following one etc….)
  • Development of the community in education (the first group of youngsters will educate the next group about general accepted best practices in management)


The project plans the creation of jobs in different parts of the country in a rotating approach. A financed project will pay back the full funding to allow the start of a new project. This will create connections, a network, between different projects and groups of youngsters.


4.375.000 RwFr (4.375 €)


Daily price fluctuations

Attached documents:

Detailed budget


Follow-up of the project