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Brakel 2013
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Solidarity meal

In the context of the lent we keep a solidarity meal from which the yield entirely goes to

Sister Germaine of the Sisters of Opbrakel is fully committed to the work of this organization and we want to support her, along with the many employees.
Support is asked to provide electricity in a shelter in Kitabi. This project is a part of the fight against poverty in the district Kitabi. The Sisters of Opbrakel have a shelter over there. Rwanda is one of the poorest countries of the world. Children with disabilities are still victim of deep-rooted prejudices in society. This work is a good work towards the poorest part of society !!!
For the installation of the electricity € 1386 is needed, and for the design centre € 5903 is requested besides € 3069 to capture the rainwater.
Join us in the solidarity meal and help this shelter to give life. It seems to us a beautiful lent goal!
How to participate to the solidarity meal?
Buy a ticket at one of the employees for € 10. For this you get exotic chicken with rice, served by a sister of Opbrakel, in return!!
That afternoon you sit at the table with others, you have no preparation work or washing up to be done and supports a great project!!

Primary school Driehoekstraat
on Sunday March 10th from 11 h 30 onwards
adults: 10 €
children 5 €



Solidarity meal  - Thank you.

Thank you to the organizers! An extra thank you to the brave staff for and behind the scenes.
Also 'thank you' to the many who through the dinner (and it was delicious) supported our projects in Rwanda. The numerous attendance has pleased  us. We sometimes complain on the lack of love in the world of today and the media spreads that firm. On 10 March however we have forged a tie of love with many  .... with each other and with many behind time and borders.
To work to a world full of love is to follow Jesus and with him, through commitment and pain, live towards the resurrection. Thanks again and great Easter.
Sr. Germaine.

‘Vleugels van Hoop’ has together with sister Germaine forged a band of solidarity to support projects in their precious Rwanda. The people from Brakel and surroundings have a big heart, that is known. By participating in the festival (10 march) you have , once again, proved to be cut from the good wood. Grateful thanks for the sponsorship of 2095,02 euro.
With this African proverb in mind, the whole team of 'Wings of Hope' wants to thank everyone who, from near or far, has implemented his or her hart in this activity.

'Many small people, who in many small places do small things, can change the face of the world "



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