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Collegiality = a VAST support!

As employee at ING I got the opportunity to subscribe Vleugels van Hoop for the Solidarity Award.
It is my big pleasure to realize that solidarity within our company is not just a statement!

I want to share with you the warm call from our Regional Director to his troops J

“Dear colleagues,

ING regularly makes a budget available for his employees who are showing an engagement towards charity.
A few months ago we donated a nice budget  to a colleague for her organisation ‘Eline’s strijd tegen windpokken’.

Today we again need your support for our colleague Bernadette Verhoye, who has a strong commitment to
vzw Vleugels van  Hoop.

You can read what the vzw is standing for on www.vleugelsvanhoop.be.
In case you want to read the result later on, already vote right now, it only takes you 5 seconds! Can I ask you all to vote massively for Bernadette and her vzw?
Do it today and distribute this email to colleagues from other regions and departments.
It worked out well last time, let is also work out this time!
1000 time thank you!!

Friendly regards,
Peter and the full regional team”

As you could expect… the reactions came in massively… 5000 Euro is not just a small thing!!!
Thank  you colleagues. Thanks to your support/your vote vzw Vleugels van Hoop can place 25 water collection tanks for Children Rescue Voluntary Organisation in Kabale (a small city in Uganda close to the border with Rwanda).
This will be beneficial to 25 families (grandparents, parents, children and orphans, street children or child soldiers who are offered a shelter in these families).
This means daily fresh water for a population of about 320 persons!

Just think about it … this is a result to be proud off.
From the bottom of my heart: Thank you