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Kizibere Rwanda 2013
Follow-up february 2014
Follow-up april
Follow-up september
Follow-up december




Poultry farm

Location:  District Ruhango-Sector Mbuye-Cel.Kizibere-Rwanda

Lead time: 1 year

RequestorGratien MBIHIMANA

Description of the project:

In our village, Kizibere, as well as in the whole sector, farmers are interested in growing poultry, egg-laying hens. This mainly caused by a lack of knowledge about poultry growing, food needs, veterinary care etc...
In this context the idea has been growing to start a poultry farm in our region.
Merchandisers, health centres, market vendors,… all need eggs.


Fight malnutrition
Job creation
Improve life standards in my direct and indirect environment
Fight against poverty and famine


The people of Kizibere
Several families (including mine)
All people working in and for the project

Budget500.000 RwFr + 170.000 RwFr (veterinary medication) = +/- 780 euro.


Follow-up of the project
February 2014

General status:

I am happy to send you this report which shows how my chicks and hens project is progressing since last November up to now. The chicks have grown up and 25 hens are laying eggs.

Progress since last status report:

Financial status:

The table above shows that so far I’ve collected 556 eggs. The market price for 1 egg is 60 RwFr. So I gained 33.360 RwFr so far.
I don’t need any financial means for my hens since my capital is enough.


April 2014

General status:

The chicken farm was built in December 2013 and beginning of December 25 hens and 50 chicks were purchased. The farm is running fine and egg production goes smooth since January 24th.

Progress since last status report:
Eggs per months and related income generation:



Income (RwFr)










April (till 27th)






Financial status:


1. Construction of the farm:

Used materials: 315.400 RwFr
Labour: 316.800 RwFr
Total cost: 632.200 RwFr

2. Purchase of chicken:

50 chicks (1 day old): 49.000 RwFr
25 hens (3 months old): 150.000 RwFr
Total cost: 199.000 RwFr

3. Food: 350.900 RwFr from Dec till now

4. Medication: 60.000 RwFr so far


Eggs sold: 173.040 RwFr so far

Fertilizers sold: 51.350 RwFr so far

The provided budget is fully spent on the construction works and purchase of the hens. Food and medications are purchased from the selling of eggs and fertilizers.

The overall financial benefit so far is around 30.000 RwFr per month.


Follow-up september 2014

General status:

75 chickens producing eggs during a period of 5 months

Progress since last status report:

Year Month Number of eggs Profit (RwFr)
2014 1 325 19500
  2 591 35460
  3 653 39180
  4 1575 94500
  5 738 44280
TOTAL   3882 232920

Financial status:

- Insufficient financial means
- Week quality of chickens, insufficient production on longer term

Because of a shortage on cash I decided to sell the chickens. With the profit of selling the chickens, eggs and the most I bought high-quality chickens from Belgium. With these chickens a higher productivity is guaranteed.
The chickens were born in Belgium on Mey 5th 2014 and arrived by plane at Kanombe (Kigali) on May 29th. Seen the need of an extra vaccination I brought them to an official breeder, which gave me an insurance of 1 month.

PS: The breeder is only doing the vaccinations when the amount of animals has a minimum size. The cost per chick was 2.850 RwFr so my overall expense was 285.000 RwFr.


  • I would like to have sufficient financial means to make my project profitable.
  • Having many chicken who produce sufficiently as vaccinatiecosts remains the sam.e
  • The support of the beneficiaries doesn’t solve all problems as the profit is not enough.

You  could help us further by increasing the financial support so the beneficiaries would get a part of the profit.

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):


Follow-up december 2014

Date: December 5th 2014
Name project: Project 45 : Kizibere – Poultry farm

General status:

On December 5th the board of Vleugels van Hoop vzw has visited the project in Kizibere, Rwanda.

Progress since last status report:

The 100 healthy, strong chickens are producing about 75 eggs every day. This is the proof of the success of the projects which gives the beneficiaries a good yield.

Financial status:

The funds were fully consumed.



Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):