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Hongermaaltijd 28 februari 2013
Visit family Totori summer 2013





Klein Seminarie Hoogstraten

Pupils and teachers of the "Klein Seminarie Hoogstraten" secondary school put this year, with different activities, their strong shoulders under the projects of ' Wings of hope ' in Central Africa.

This African proverb illustrates perfectly the intention of their commitment:

"Many small people, who on many small places do small things, can change the face of the world'.

Many thanks to the hundreds of students, great and small and to their teachers!


Visit family Totori summer 2013.

Via, Paul, the father of teacher Nic Totori the workgroup  Jot came in contact last year with 'Vleugels van Hoop' vzw. With initiatives as a hunger meal the students and teachers collected a reasonable amount of money to support, via the vzw, a school in Rwanda. This summer mister Totori has personally handed over the cheque. Please read below his experiences.

Beschrijving: C:\Users\Totori\Pictures\foto's\rwanda-uganda 2013\DSC00390.JPGBeschrijving: C:\Users\Totori\Pictures\foto's\rwanda-uganda 2013\DSC00412.JPG

Muraho! A very warm welcome! That’s the least one can say when we visited the secondary school Sint Franciscus in Shangi Clic here for the project (Rwanda). Students and teachers of the Klein Seminarie in Hoogstraten made during the school year 2012-2013 big efforts to support and finance together with Vleugels van Hoop the equipping of the dormitory in the boarding school in Shangi. We were very happy to be able to handover the cheque personally!
A whole delegation of sisters was waiting for us. After an extensive introduction with  Mützig and cookies, we got a tour in the school. The refectory, the kitchen,…and of course the dormitories. Totally different than the boarding schools in Belgium, but neat and orderly. No privacy as the bunk beds are standing next to each other. In 2008 the school was totally destroyed by and earth quake. In the meanwhile almost all was rebuilt but funds for re-equipping the dormitories was needed. Part of our € 10.000 was already used for purchasing beds, mattresses and blankets. We could immediately see that the money was well spent and there was a high need to allow all girls to have a proper place to sleep. Over the coming months the rest of the places will be furnitured.

Beschrijving: C:\Users\Totori\Pictures\foto's\rwanda-uganda 2013\DSC00444.JPGBeschrijving: C:\Users\Totori\Pictures\foto's\rwanda-uganda 2013\DSC00428.JPG

After the tour the sisters still had a surprise for us. In a big hall we were welcomed by 600 enthusiastic students and they offered us a fantastic dance show by the students. An unforgettable experience!! Our students can be proud on the efforts made. Let this be an incentive to keep up the solidarity with the people who have less chances!

Beschrijving: C:\Users\Totori\Pictures\foto's\rwanda-uganda 2013\DSC00470.JPG


Report Nic Totori, teacher klein Seminarie Hoogstraten.


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