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Shyorongi Rwanda 2013
Follow-up of the project




Equipping 3 classes Stella Matituna - Shyorongi - Rwanda

Identity of the institute

Stella Matutina is a girls school, started off in 1988. Between April 1994 and October 2002 the school was closed.

Legal status

The free subsidised school is part of the catholic net and is run by the Sisters of Penance of Assisië


The school is situated in the Northern Province, District Rulindo, Sector Syorongi, Cel Bugaragara. She located near the route Kigali-Ruhengeri at 18 km from Kigali and 13 km from the Nyabugogo-bridge.

Short description of the school and its activities

The secondary school opened in 1988 with 84 students, all girls, divided over 2 technical classes. In September ’91 the lower department started. In April ’94 the school list included 315 students of the 1st till the 6th grade in the technical department and the 1st till the 3rd grade in the lower department.
The events in 1994 destroyed and demolished the buildings; the full furniture was stolen.
The African Bank for Development took care of the rebuild (2001-2002).

At the moment there are 500 students divided in 3 sections : Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry; Mathematics-Chemistry-Biology and Mathematics-Physicas-Computer sciences.
The school has as aim to offer a scientific education to Rwandese girls so they can make there knowledge solid and this for their own benefit and the benefit of the nation.
After the restart the school used classes also as sleeping places. After 5 yeras, with the support of Sr. Germaine Dupont and here co-workers, we were able to build a sleeping building who could shelter all the students.
The inrichting of this sleeping building is supported by our friends of  Vleugels van Hoop vzw. Therefore we ask for help to furnish the classes which became available again.


We ask for help to furnish the classes. We even don’t have school desks at the moment. We also try to offer a place to the children of the neighbourhood.


The young girls who benefit from our education and more in particular the poor people in the direct neighbourhood.
Budget: 3x 1.650.000 = 4.950.000 RwFr


Probably the mentioned budget will not be sufficient to furnish the classes; prices have been increasing dramatically. The initial request dates from more than a year ago and prices kept on increasing. To give you an indication I asked for a pro forma price for 14 tables and 28 school desks; I send your the offer in attachment.

Attachments :

- 1 class for 44 students
- 1 bank + 2 chairs = 148.302 RwFr
- 22 banks + 44 chairs = 148.302 x 22 = 3.262.644 RwFr
for  3 classes
= 3.262.644 RwFr x 3  =  9.787.932 RwFr i.e. about 11.936,50 Euro


Follow-up of the project

Date: August 27th 2013
Name project: Equipping 3 classes – Stella Matutina - Shyorongi

General status:

As I already mentioned in my last communication, the remaining chairs and tables were completed and delivered. The classes are now in use by the students.
In attachment you can find a picture.

Progress since last status report:

We have received all material but are still waiting for the last invoice of Xaverine, to pay the last costs.

Financial status:

The last delivery was done with invoices. I tried to contact Xavérine, to come over and collect the last open invoice of 115.000 RwFr, without success. I also have sent her an text message but no reply.


The last delivery took too long.
We can’t make the total cost overview yet as the last invoice is missing (from Xavérine).

Tonight Xavérine came over and all is settled now. !

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):

In attachment the invoices of Manumetal and Xavérine