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Heikenskermis 2017





Heikenskermis 2017

2007 …. The start of vzw Vleugels van Hoop and the first barbecue at Heikenskermis!

For 10 years we were the guests of ‘t Heiken and we could gratefully use their infrastructure for our yearly barbecue for the benefit of our projects in the area of the big lakes (Burundi, Congo, Rwanda and Uganda).

It were for sure 10 years of fruitful cooperation with the organisers and contributors of Heikenskermis, ten years of uncountable beautiful memories, of sun and also rain, of happy reunions of loyal fans and meeting new people.

There is a time to gather and there is a time to say goodbye: the new board of Heikenskermis takes new initiatives by making changes in the program. VLeugels van Hoop chooses, after the ten unforgettable years, to end in ‘beauty’. We are very grateful to the board and contributors of Heikenskermis for the smooth cooperation and wish them all the best for the future.  

But don’t worry, Vleugels van Hoop is opening its wings towards the future, hand in hand with driven partners we keep our commitment for the good cause!
And….for sure you’ll hear us again !

With kind regards,

The entire Vleugels van Hoop-team