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April 2008

By this newsletter we’re happy to inform you, by email or regular mail, about the ongoing projects and we want to use this opportunity to thank our sponsors who made these projects possible.

You offer so many WINGS!!

Twese Hamwe 2008

Minutes of the activities 2007


The activities of 2006 were prolonged, with the exception of the literacy of minus 15 year old youngsters. One should not forget that the main purpose of the Centre is guiding teenagers, especially from poor families.
Therefore we want to put our energy in educations.

Activities 2007

Literacy of adults
The Centre keeps on learning adults (older than 15) the alphabet if they wish so.
In 2007 15 certificates were handed out.
We noticed that after the literacy most beneficiaries wanted to learn more. That way we find people in all educations (sewing, household, painting textile) who learned to read and write in the Centre. The ambition showed by these youngsters, after they learned to read and write, is a real encouragement for the Centre to continue.

Sewing education

In 2007 14 certificates were handed out. The same year the Centre had problems with the payment of the teacher; the AFCD stopped their help. Therefore the Centre started to ask a small contribution from every student (3000 RwFr/month) to purchase small material (needles,…), electricity (to iron). UTEXRWA keeps on deliver tissues for the practical lessons.

The green brigade

This project exists for 3 years now. It all started with one brigade (10 persons) and today there are 5 (50 persons). Each brigade works independently: has its own customers, controls his incomes and time usage. To keep the competitiveness they are support by the Centre.
In the minutes of 2006 we thought about raising the monthly salaries for the brigades by starting treatment of waste products by which to save money on fuel, taxes, maintenance and reparation of the vehicle. We got a financial support from “Wereldsolidariteit” to complete the building where waste products were treated. This task was completed but the treatment of the waste products will not take place in the Centre after a change in law (from today on these kind of activities have to be executed outside the city).
Painting textile project

40 women followed a 1 year education at “Women for Women” and ended in September 2007. 12 of them followed the textile painting education. As for the brigades the Centre guides them to manage their business well, to search for customers, to deliver good work. The Centre stresses mainly on a spirit of solidarity and the importance of the group. Of course this project needs extra financial means.


The Centre organized a 15 days seminar on mushroom cultivation. This education program, given by AJADEJAR, handed out 12 certificates. The 12 persons, delegated by 5 associations of the Sector Kacyiru, choose “Twese Hamwe” as the “project leader”. The women who participated in this seminar was asked to spread their knowledge in their direct environment.


The Socio Cultural Centre “Twese Hamwe” remains a gathering place for youth from the surrounding districts for manifestations and all kind of games (especially during school holidays).

 Functioning costs 2007

N°                   Category                                Forecasted                             Income - costs
1                      Personnel                               3.200.000                               1.464.000
2                      Common costs           720.000                                              280.000
3                      Administration
4                      Banking fees
5                      Office equipment
6                      Water, electricity


In comparison with the years before we didn’t get any external support in 2007 to pay the teacher. The Kacyiru district carried the costs of the literacy program for adults and the women of the development (AFCD) took these for the sewing education.
Thanks to self manageable small projects the Centre was able to keep on functioning (e.g. by several manifestations in the polyvalent room).
In 2007 62 families got a monthly income. This allows them to pay the school costs and health insurance for their children.
In 2008 we hope even more families can benefit.

Action plan 2008

  1. Introduction


In 2008 Twese Hamwe exists for 10 years.
We reached so far 400 families:

  1. Literacy of children below 15 year
  2. Literacy of adults
  3. Sewing education
  4. Cultivation of ewes
  5. Green brigades project
  6. Textile painting project

We quote as well the 2005 sewing workshop project with 10 finalists. Each of them got a sewing machine on credit. All of them are paid back by now. This group although didn’t keep on working together. From this we learned that the team work also needs to be framed. Therefore the group textile painting works under the guidance of the Centre.

  1. Planned activities


  1. Prolongation of the 2007 projects
  2. Sewing education
  3. Literacy for adults
  4. Green brigades: we think to start the waste products treatment in 2008, on the condition we find a suitable place outside the city.
  5. Textile painting: Thanks for the sewing project we believe to be able to finance the purchasing of the tissues to paint and to explore the selling of these tissues
  6. Household education / hotel trade : To start with 2 groups in January 2008 :
    1. Before noon : for the unemployed youngsters who want to learn a profession
    2. In the afternoon : for those having a profession but didn’t had the official education, as extra schooling
  1. Budgeting 2008
  1. Functioning costs


N°                   Category                                Yearly amount
1                      Personnel
2                      Common costs
3                      Administration
4                      Bank fees
5                      Office equipment
6                      Water, electricity



2. Projects 2008

N°                               Project                                         Amount   Financial source                                      
1                                 Household education                                              Financing partly finalized
2                                 Canalisation of water                                              Still searching for finances
3                                 Textile painting & confection                                    Searching for finances

'Dushigikire Amahoro I Burundi'

Start up of project Sewing-workshop for “Dushigikire Amahoro i Burundi”
January 16th 2008 - Mabayi - Burundi.

On January 12th we traveled with a group of 12 to Rwanda. Everything went fairly smooth and we arrived, by jeeps, in Mabayi – Burundi on January 15th.
January 16th we were expected, around the clock of 10, in the small work shop for undersigning of the cooperation agreement between “Dushigikire Amahoro i Burundi”, meaning “cooperate for peace in Burundi”, and “Wings of Hope” vzw.
In the middle of the full activity of a African market day and by the agitation of seeing that entire group of white people, we arrived only around 10.30 on the appointment.
The walk from our boardinghouse to the village was one with lots of noise and amazement. The small local school didn’t know how to respond on the exuberant response of the children and therefore allowed the students to leave school to accompany us to the rural centre. In a flow of all those curly children we just drifted along.

In the small workshop the cutting table was used as meeting table and the cooperation agreements were spread out in the presence of all members and interested people.

After the presentation of the two parties Ms Josephine Bararwendera, president of DAB, read the French cooperation agreement and translated this to Kirundi, because a part of the members were not used to use French (or English) language.

The undersigning itself, by both presidents, Ms Josephine Bararwendera for DAB and Ms Bernadette Verhoye for “Wings of Hope” vzw was sealed with a joy song by the Burundi members. Then the hand over of the presents by the visitors started.

DAB1          DAB2

Dozens of confection - and other scissors, gifts collected as a result of newspaper article of December 7th 2007, reels with yarn, press - and ordinary buttons, marking red ochre and other tools to extend the workshop were offered.
The enthusiasm is bigger than we could imagine and soon pen and paper popped up to make the first inventory.

As the Burundese president expressed, since the announcement in the village that a sewing workshop would be sponsored, several women made an application to join. The direct contact within this project offers more solidarity with the complete happening.

The hundreds of “Murakoze” (thank you) and “Amahoro” (peace) were shared reciprocally, also after we were accompanied to the local market after the official part in the workshop.

Around noon we left, accompanied by Josephine and her spouse, Léandre, to the Rwandan border to spend the night in the three country spot (Congo-Rwanda-Burundi) Cyangugu.

At that border we said farewell to our friends and we are convinced that our cooperation will work in a very positive way.

End of March we received, as agreed, the first report from Mabayi, with enclosed pictures.

Two monthly report February-March
Sewing work shop ‘Dushigikire Amahoro I Burundi
In Mabayi – Burundi

1.General report


As a succession of the agreement between the associations ‘Dushigikira Amahoro I Burundi’ from Burundi and “Vleugels van Hoop” vzw from Belgium the sewing education started on January 18th 2008.
But the preparational activities already started on January 18th 2008.
Some youngsters couldn’t follow the schooling as wished:
1 girl because of an eye disease (note : it will be checked whether the girl can be medically helped to allow her to follow the schooling), others because they live to far away from the centre, 1 single mother, others because they were evaluated not to be good candidates or not showing enough interest : 2 boys.
As there were several other applicants all vacancies were fast filled up with other candidates.

Proves of the progress of the activities will be delivered in the form of pictures which will be taken during Easter holiday by César, the son of the responsible person.

2. Financial report


Work shop improvement works and purchasing goods
Coordination costs
Fees for the training personnel
Bank fees
Total costs

3. First pictures

Front view work shop Mabayi Trainee exercise first lessons in sewing


Heikenskermis Moerbeke Waas on August 16 2008

Already mark in calendar and even more important …be there!!
We are going to enjoy, literally and figurative!

A whole day party!!

Come and join us for the day??
The profit of this activities will be, as every year, donated to a development project.

We present you the school project Munyinya 2008.
Initiator : KAMUYUMBU Emerita
Teacher at the school of Munyinya - Rwanda

Schoolproject Munyina Captation of rain water


The Ministry of Education of Rwanda encourages parents to actively participate in their children’s education. They want to see this participation translated in terms of material, technical or moral support to the school to which they entrust their children.
Within this context, parents whose children attend the primary school of Munyinya have been asked to find a solution for the captation of rain water.  Being poor, they lack the necessary means to respond to the multiple needs of the school.  Donations to the school have stopped with the sudden decease of a Swiss benefactor Marguerite Fuchs, who funded the improvement of the school’s infrastructure. Her generosity deserves to be continued.  Parents and children, we all believe and hope her example will be followed
Owners of the project

The idea to start a project came to my mind during my visit to Belgium where I was invited by my friends from the Association “Vleugels van Hoop' what means 'Wings of Hope “in September 2007. 
They were enthusiastic and confirmed their support during their visit to Rwanda in January 2008.


The Munyinya School is one of the primary schools in the district of Muhanga in the Shyogwe sector, located in Cellule Rule near the Munyinya hill at 300 m from the main road Gitarama - Kigaly.

As explained before, readers from the Swiss newspaper ‘Kanton Argovie’ helped renovate our school. The buildings are built with sustainable material but do not have rain water drainage which is indispensable with a school population of 1058 children


Realization of the project will allow a more efficient housekeeping of the school.

With the recuperation of rain water from the roofs, it is possible to:
            -  reduce time lost to fetch water from a source
            -  maintain the class rooms and sanitary facilities of the school
            -  irrigate the school garden during the dry season
            -  wash hands and feet after gardening or other housekeeping activities
            -  protect the environment

Students and teachers will have the immediate benefit. But we also want neighbors of the school, especially those in charge of security during our absence, to also benefit as recognition for their efforts and as a token of good neighborhood.
The installation of a water reservoir will relieve the teachers’ burden considerably as they now anxiously wait every Friday afternoon for the children to return with large quantities of water from the source needed for cleaning. It would be less of a nuisance for the adults who cannot draw water from the source until the school children have finished fetching water. And it would stop the accusations made against imprudent kids who inadvertently destroy crop in the area around the source.

School Munyinya and teacher Emerita, initiator of this project, with the booklets offered by our organization.

2        3

Up to all of us to offer water to the 1058 school kids!!!

Fiscal certificates

Info related to fiscal certificates

After checking many data and laws we had to inform you that, as we are still very young association, we’re not yet able to hand out fiscal certificates.
We contacted you, as sponsor, personally and want to thank you all for your understanding, the gifts and the big support by all means.
You can support us on bank account 001-5300142-41

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