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Heikenskermis 2007 and the action for “Twese Hamwe” in Rwanda became a cordial festival with the blessing of the sun and good mood.

Around 400 registrations for the meal - ribs and roti with French fries – as much as one liked, were highly appreciated by everyone.

The president, Bernadette Verhoye, presented the new association ‘Vleugels van Hoop’*  * “Wings of Hope” and its governing board.

The fantastic news that Jean Bosco Safari accepted the godfather hood of the association was “the cherry on the cake”!

The festival could start. It became a chain of rhythm and ambiance. Jean Bosco Safari, who also has its own roots in Rwanda, also masterly played the African drums. As if fire work was started in the tent, full of cultures and colours…
Everyone enjoyed the warm-human, relaxing environment.

It was announced that during the break in the concert tickets would be sold for the lottery.
One single price could be won, but not at all a small one: A trip for 2 persons to Rwanda, donated by Ethiopian Airlines. An agent of that society was personally present to hand over the price. Everyone carefully checked, after the break, the numbers of his tickets. An innocent child hand drew number two and in the room two persons became particularly quiet. Could this be true? The fortunate winners, Luc and Jeannine Van der Snickt - Verschraegen from Moerbeke-Waas, were speechless for a while. Once on the stage they also got a stay-over offered by Evariste, responsible for the project “Twese Hamwe”. They leave in October and therefore have still some things to prepare.
An hour extra concert could also comfort all the other present people, as well as the signature session by Jean Bosco Safari.
Satisfied people everywhere when late in the night the last ones returned home.

Our message: “See you next year” and “Thank you very much!!” to the organizers, sponsors and participants.

Again a clear proof that if one collaborates, everything is possible!!

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