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Terraces Kitabi 2018
Follow-up 2018





Name project:              Terraces Kitabi

Location:                       Cel Kagano, Sector Kitabi, District Nyamagabe

Requestor:                    Sisters St. Franciscus of Assisi

Description of the project:

Reconstruction of radical terraces in Kitabi                        


Conservation of the soil. Avoid flooding and removal of fertilizers:

  • Normalise the topography, by using specific equipment of the progressive terraces
  • Agro-forest planting and planting of grasses to fix the soil on the slopes
  • Creation of anti-erosion canals
  • Awareness of the population on good soil management


The centre, their disables children and people of the neighbourhood


5.015.000 RwFr


Natural disasters

Attached documents:

Detailed budget


Follow-up of the project

Date: November 2018
Name project: 87 – Kitabi terraces

General status:

Progress since last status report:

The porosity of the soil makes it possible, through a technique of transplanting the terraces, to change the structural texture so that the terraces are resistant to erosion. For fertilization, we have added organic manure and compost; only the remediation of the dykes still needs to be done. This is the only place where herbs are available for food and mulch for livestock. We have done everything to ensure the profitability of terraces over a significant area. Now all terraces are cultivated and sown (potatoes, peas, ...).

Financial status:


The movement of the ground of slopes is a slow glide (Creep),
this is a shift of surface layers, usually without breaking, which is always observed on steep slopes.

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):