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Bujumbura 2012
January 2013
January-March 2013
December 2014


Water and Electricity for Cibitoke, a slum area of Bujumbura

Location:   District CIBITOKE, Bujumbura, Burundi


  • Association of women 'DUSHIGIKIRANE' - Responsible : Moza MIGERE
  • Representatives : César & Nadège NDAGIJIMANA


Description of the project:

The association 'DUSHIGIKIRANE' = 'let us help each other' is an association of women who live in the district of CIBITOKE. This association seeks to improve the living conditions of its members, and their environment.
The municipality CIBITOKE, one of the slums of the Burundian capital, Bujumbura, has to do with great problems as regards the control of the hygiene. The lack of toilets in the households (they exist, but by the lack of financial resources they can’t be serviced - emptying of septic tanks), lack of potable water are a few poignant examples.
The women of the association 'DUSHIGIKIRANE' therefore wish to propose a project that could improve these conditions.


The goal of this project is the provision of sanitary ware and electricity for the households of (mostly) widows and other inhabitants of lane 18 of the municipality of CIBITOKE.
Through the provision of electricity night lighting would be possible, a benefit for the safety.
The provision of public toilet facilities would be a great improvement in the field of hygiene, one of the major problems in this area.


The members of the association 'DUSHIGIKIRANE', their environment and the inhabitants of CIBITOKE

Budget:  7.978.651 BuFr  (4.850 Euro)

  • Connection of electricity
  • Installation of electricity
  • Connection of water
  • Construction of a sanitary unit for common use, consisting of wc's, showers, washbasins
  • Monitoring project implementation and follow-up of the works

Appending documents:

Plan for the construction of the sanitary unit


Follow-up of the project
January 2023

General status:

The project has started off on 09/07/2012. At the moment the installation of the sanitary is done, i.e. 2 toilets and 2 showers. Also a septic tank and a demolition pit are established. The works are completed for 95%.

Progress since last status rapport:

Since the last report the Electricity was installed on the foreseen places (Electricity, lamps). A water counter and an electricity counter are also installed.

Activities still to be executed:
- Installation of sinks in the toilets
- Finalising plumbing: water supply in the toilets

Financial status:

1. Financial means : Available budget (after bank costs): € 4.850

2. Expenses :




July 9th 2012

Purchase start material


July 14th 2012

Design and development plans and budget



Digging septic tank and demolition pit



Filling septic tank


July 16th 2012

Building materials


July 18th 2012

Material for concrete



Material for plumbing


July 20th 2012

Salaries constructor, help constructor guard and engineer



Follow up of activities


July 24th 2012

Water counter REGIDESO



Elektricity counter REGIDESO



Expenses related to purchase and installation of the counters


July 28th 2012

Salaries constructor, help constructor, guard and executor activities


August 3rd 2012

Salaries constructor, help constructor, guard and executor activities



Follow up of activities


October 30th 2012

Purchasing electrical material



Work hours electrician



Salaries constructor, help constructor, guard and executor activities






It was necessary to build a septic tank, although this was not budgeted, which implied an increase in reinforced concrete and a review of the drain system.

There seems to be a problem with securing of the sinks and other sanitary material.


January-March 2013

The construction project of the common plumbing in the Cibitoke slum in Bujumbura is progressing very well. Already finalised activities are:

Phase 1
Installation of the yard
Digging activities
Installation electricity
Foundation (start)

Phase 2
Construction of the walls
Water drain (pipes)

Phase 3
Floor works
Stucco and inspection
Installation Electricity, plumbing side
Installation plumbing (still to be finalized)

Phase 4
Canalisation (still to be finalized)
Restart yard activities (clean up, …)
Installation water and Electricity counters

According the above listing the project is in an advanced stage. The engineer, who’s is responsible for the execution of the activities, is currently on training abroad and will continue the study works. This implies that the leftover activities are only progressing slowly. We negotiate how we can improve this so the project can be finalized.

The women of CIBITOKE and the beneficiaries of the project express their sincere gratefulness to 'Vleugels van Hoop', the Belgian organisation who supports them in establishing the showers and toilets at the place where these are very scares.
The official opening is planned in November during the visit of the Belgian organisation in Burundi.

P.S.: On the pictures you see, besides the new building, also the old one.


Follow-up december 2014

Date: December 17th 2014
Name project: Project 32: Water and Electricity for Cibitoke, a slum area of Bujumbura

General status:

After the stealing of the connectors of the water tubes into the showers and the toilets in the beginning of the year we now received a budget proposal from the engineer. The plumber works will start soon.

Progress since last status report:

Financial status:

An extra support of 346.100 BuFr is needed, being € 182.


Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):

Budget proposal for the plumber works after the theft.



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