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Bujumbura Burundi 2022
Follow-up 2022






Therapeutic Tools

Location:                      Bujumbura, Burundi.

Project leadtime:         6 months

Requestor:                   Batungwanayo Eric
Organisation: Association Intervention Thérapeutique contre le Bégaiement, ITB

Description of the project:

In Burundi, children with stuttering problems face various problems.
The project aims to develop methods and techniques for the treatment of stuttering to contribute to the improvement of language and to improve the academic situation of students who stutter.


- Curing stuttering to break stigma and rejection in schools and communities,
- Improve the academic performance of children who stutter through therapeutic methods and techniques.
- Provide learning opportunities to teachers by having them take care of schoolchildren who stutter.


- The children of the different schools of Bujumbura
(371 children of which 87 girls and 284 boys, 16 schools)
- The parents of children who stutter
- The teachers of these children
- Teachers who will participate in awareness campaigns.

Budget :

3050 Euro (purchase of material)

Risks :


Attached documents:



Follow-up of the project

Date:                    August 19th, 2022
Name project:       Therapeutic Tools

General status:

The project started in July just after the re-examinations.
The therapies are done in groups: the students are divided into groups based on their age and type of stuttering. Sessions start at 8 am and end at 11 am, 4 sessions of 45 min per day.
The methods and techniques used include counseling, restoring the breathing mechanism, syllable setting therapies, team dialogue, hypnosis, etc.

Progress since last status report:

The project continues to achieve its goal as children with stuttering are cured and their language is improving. Of the 51 stutterers who have already undergone therapy, 38 children have regained their normal language and 13 children have experienced significant improvement and will make a full recovery thanks to strengthening and support exercises.

Our project will make the various authorities involved and the parents aware of how to deal with this language disorder in children. Secondly, our project will reduce the stigma and discrimination of people who stutter in general due to ignorance.

Financial status:

The allocated amount has been fully spent as planned in the budget.



Attached documents:

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