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CRVO 2016
Follow-up august 2016
october 2016





Kabale – Skills training 

Location:        Kabale - Uganda

Project leadtime: 6 months

Requestor:         Leonard Tumwesigye on behalf of Children Rescue Voluntary

Description of the project:

This project is about skills trainings for youngsters (+ 12 year) of CRVO and single mothers. These trainings include the skills to produce candles, vaseline and soap as well as a bakery.
This will allow the youngsters and single mothers to learn a skill which will give them an income in the future and provides them access to basic needs as soap, vaseline, candles for lighting, ….
This project also creates an additional income for CRVO by which others costs (e.g. school fees) can be carried.


  • Teaching skills to youngsters and single mothers
  • Creation of a financial income for the families and CRVO
  • Access to basic needs as soap, crème and candles at no or low cost
  • Decrease of number of unemployed youngsters
  • Poverty reduction


  • Youngsters at CRVO (+12 year)
  • School drop outs at CRVO
  • Single mothers


Description Uganda Shillings
Construction shelter 7.490.000
Soap production training 13.110.000
Candle production training 10.080.000
Crème production training 10.945.000
Bakery 22.929.000
Total 64.554.000


Follow-up of the project

Date: August 29th 2016
Name project: Project 64 – CRVO skills trainings

General status:

The aim of this project is to provide livelihood skills to the children : soap making, candle making, bakery and vaseline making.
It is the purpose to implement this project between the month of June and the middle of December 2016 where all the projects would have started running smoothly.

Progress since last status report:

We received the needed funds to start the project and have been able to conduct several meetings with the stakeholders that are participating in the smooth running of this project.
We started the construction of the multipurpose shade; work took somewhat longer but has been accomplished. The service vehicle was purchased. We have sent a team of 3 members to check on the machines which were sold to the project. The supplier is waiting for the arrival of the candle making machine and then all can be transported in one go.
Activities to be accomplished in this quarter:

  • Construction of the ground and the shade - done
  • Painting of the room
  • Buying machines – done – waiting for delivery
  • Theory training by the trainers are ongoing

Financial status:


Total project budget


Construction of the shade

63.094.000 Uganda Shillings

23.000.000 Uganda Shillings

Machines (procuring of start materials)


To be spent after arrival of the machines


  • Failure to get all the machines in 1 place
  • Delay in receiving the machines due to one candle machine the supplier is still waiting for, before they are all transports to avoid too much transport expenses
  • More work to construct the shade then expected
  • Electricity shutdown that delayed the work to construct the bakery metallic box
  • Poor network and problems with the laptop which caused a delay in reporting

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):


October 2016

General status:

Livelihood skills development has moved to its advanced stage where all the needed requirements are in place and some products are already out.

Progress since last status report:

The trainings have already started; children are actively involved in making the products.
Our children are acquiring skills and the products are benefiting children in schools.

Financial status:

We have spent all the money and all items open in the balance from the previous report of August 29th have been paid.



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