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CRVO Uganda 2021
Follow-up 2021





Goat rearing 

Location:               Kabale, Uganda

Project leadtime:  6 months

Requestor:         Leonard Tumwesigye on behalf of Children Rescue Voluntary Organisation (CRVO)

Description of the project:

After using all means to survive the Covid-19 pandemic a new income generating project needs to be started for the households of the vulnerable children. Goat rearing is a profitable home based project that requires low investment capital and the multiplication rate of goats is high. Hereby we generate a regular income for poor, landless and marginalized families, by providing meat and potential to sell both goats and manure.


- Enable households start small a income generating project that can be managed at a minimal cost and be able to improve on their lives.
- Enable households acquire relevant goat rearing knowledge and skills.
- Help households to be in a position to provide their children with the basic necessities of life after a period of time.
- Enable beneficiaries have manure to be used to improve on the productivity of their land


Around 85 families will get 2 female, mature goats and the 5 male goats will be spread around the area so are easy accessible for mating.


41.450.000 Uganda Shillings, equal to 10.061,00 €



Attached documents:

Detailed budget overview


Follow-up of the project