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CRVO Uganda 2021
Follow-up 2021





Extra food supplies (Covid-19)

Location:                        Kabale - Uganda

Project leadtime:            3 months
Requestor:                      Leonard Tumwesigye on behalf of Children Rescue Voluntary

Description of the project:

Because of the 2nd Covid-19 wave in the Kabale area the government has put in place lot stricter rules (lockdown) which has a huge impact on the vulnerable children and their families who are supposed to stay at home but are facing scarcity of food after the dry season.


We need to start an urgent care and support program to offer additional food support. This project includes purchase of food (beans, posho, rice, groundnuts and salt) and the logistics to distribute the food to the families.


More 150 vulnerable children under CRVO and their families.


17.050.000 Uganda Shillings i.e. 4.000 €, which will be partially supported by Vleugels van Hoop by providing 2.500 €



Attached documents:

Detailed budgeting


Follow-up of the project

Date:                          August 12th 2021
General status:

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the families of the CRVO-children got stuck at home, without any income and no food as a basic need. This was leading to an increase of domestic violence as well, where the most vulnerable children were affected. Therefor CRVO is very grateful that Vleugels van Hoop supported them and the implementation project was immediately started after receiving the funds.
CRVO could provide basic food supplies to all their children and their households (with minimum 4 beneficiaries), to minimize starvation and decrease domestic violence.
Generally, the project was very successful with no risks registered. The method used was in line with the healthy guidelines of social distancing.
It should be noted though that this food items provided were not fully fulfilling the needs.
A lot of smiles were put back on the faces of children and their households by providing them new hope.
Financial status:

The funds received (9.625.000 Uganda Shillings) was full spent on purchasing 1000 kg of beans and maize flour, 500 kg of rice, 250 kg of salt and120 kg of ground nuts.


- Poor transport possibility for the households
- Hiked prices, day by day, due to restrictions of transport.
- The number of vulnerable households outnumbered the available provided food items

Attached documents (pictures, receipts,…):

Pictures, receipts



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