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CRVO Micro credit 2021
Follow-up 2021






Micro credit services

Location:                        Kabale - Uganda

Project leadtime:            1 year
Requestor:                      Leonard Tumwesigye on behalf of Children Rescue Voluntary

Description of the project:

Inability to access credit services is a big hindrance in the progress to be financially self-sustaining amongst the households supporting CRVO children. The caregivers will run a number of income generating activities, including small scale businesses, after receiving a small initial capital. Bank loans are unfavorable for low-income community members, as it requires mortgage.
This micro credit project will be run on a group saving basis, to help members access simple loans repayable on an affordable interest rate and in group guarantee the repayment and providing access to micro credits later on to other beneficiaries.


  • Enable beneficiaries to establish small income generating projects
  • Promote the savings culture amongst the beneficiaries
  • Enable caregivers/households to access credit services at affordable interest rates


120 beneficiaries, being the households of orphans and other vulnerable children supported by CRVO. Other community members will be allowed as well to help mitigate the Covid 19 pandemic effects as well as the poverty within the community.


40.000.000 Uganda Shillings i.e. +/- 10.000 € is the needed capital to offer 120 micro credits


To minimize risks a monitoring committee, together with CRVO staff, will besides monthly reporting do a detailed quarterly follow-up of the initiated activities.

Attached documents:

Detailed proposal


Follow-up of the project