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Casino Koksijde





Casino Koksijde may 13the 2017

Organisation: VZW Vleugels Van Hoop
Place: theatre hall CC Casino Koksijde
Price: 20€, 16€ (-18)

14.00h - 18.00h: recordings Koksijde-song, free to attend
In the summer of 2016 the Koksijde-song was born. Written and carried by people from Koksijde, under the professional direction of Jean Bosco Safari. Now follows the recording of this unique song, along with the youth choir JokoBeau,  the group of fellow writers, musicians, schools ánd Jean Bosco Safari.

20.00: performance Jean Bosco Safari for the benefit of the vzw Vleugels van Hoop

VZW Vleugels van Hoop exists 10 years and that we celebrate! Jean Bosco Safari, godfather of this non-profit association, offers a night to remember! Singer, songwriter, charismatic performer… Jean Bosco Safari formulated in 1 word... impossible!
Up to you to come and discover it yourself!

Vleugels Van Hoop
Grown out of a group of enthusiastic friends who lost their heart in Central Africa, this non-profit association was founded in 2007. By offering support and cooperation Vleugels van Hoop wants to help the local population in their first steps towards an independent and quality life. What do you best give to people you care for? Wings ... of course. Giving wings is giving a future!

Target groups: persons with disabilities, children and youth, women, ....
Themes: agriculture, cattle breeding  and/or fishery, water supply, health care, education
work area: Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda

Jean Bosco Safari, born in Rwanda, accepted with much enthusiasm the 'godparenthood' of our association!



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