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Cibitoke Burundi 2023
Follow-up 2023






Rainwater collection and toilets

Location:                         Zone Cibitoke, commune de NTAHANGWA, Burundi

Project leadtime:        6 months

Requestor:       SELEMANI Michel 
                  Association de Secours et d’Assistance aux Femmes et Enfants au Burundi (ASAFEBU)

Description of the project:

The Anania School was destroyed after the crisis in the country.
Thanks to ASAFEBU, the school has been rebuilt, but it is far from finished.
The hygienic conditions for students and teachers are appalling. In terms of toilets, they only have an unsecured open well made by the parents of students.
This situation makes Anania's school a breeding ground for bacteria, partly due to the lack of water. All these circumstances lead to more absenteeism, children's disinterest in education and poor school performance.
The aim of the project is the installation of rainwater harvesting and the construction of toilets.


The aim of the project is to improve the framework and study and working conditions of pupils and teachers and to strengthen the understanding of school hygiene.


585 students of which 262 girls and 323 boys.

Budget: 6.000 €


- Sickness absence/dropout of children,
- Risk of disease infection (diarrhea, typhoid, etc.)
- High percentage of illiterates.

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Follow-up of the project