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Elsuth Elst
Follow-up 2017





December 10th at 17h00
theatre group Elsuth from Elst gives
a BENEFIT PERFORMANCE for the projects of Vleugels van Hoop

“As trees in winter”

As trees in winter becomes the new production of Theatre group Elsuth.

Dates as already announced are December 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10th 2017


Rosemie De Langhe, Wendy Demeulemeester, Vicky Hutse, Freddy Blondelle, Peter De Langhe and Luc D’Hondt.



Inge De Borre and Freddy Blondelle.


‘As trees in winter’ is the story of a widower Pol Vandersmissen who no longer can take care of himself. He refuses to give living at his daughter’s place. So the only solution is “The nightingale”, a home for elderly. One of the residents, the plucky Miss Demaegdt wants to break through the hard shell of this grudgingly man in her own quirky way.  But….whether her attempts are successful?

It is the story of twee persons in the autumn of their lives.
Who both in their own particular way learned to accept the beautiful moments, the frustrations and the dramas in life….or not?


Pierre Soetewey (1931-2010) wrote about 25 full-evening-pieces (mostly comedies) and besides these something for youngsters, a few one-act plays and a few translations.
On top of these also about 60 listen plays from which a few were translated and broadcasted in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and South-Africa.



As trees in wintertime…. This way we started the Sunday of the theatre performance for the good cause: snow, rain, stormy weather!
It changed into a top-afternoon with a beautiful theatre performance at high standards.
The actors gave all their best in a confronting spectacle, moments we could recognize in everybody’s life.
For Vleugels van Hoop it became an afternoon of new and warm meeting people.
Lots were present, despite the harsh weather, thank you to all.
A glass and a sandwich afterwards and time to meet everybody.
We ended the day as the performance started: “What will we toast on? Maybe on the spring?”

A new start, a new year almost,….Always full of hope !

Thank you to all the sweet Elsuth people for their warm heart!



Clic on the image and enjoy