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Gitega Burundi 2022
Follow-up october 2022






AED devices for emergency services

Location:             Bujumbura (2 units), N'Gozi (1), Gitega (1) and Sosame (1) : psychiatric hospitals of Fracarita, Burundi

Project leadtime: one-time-purchase

Requestor:          Dr. Marcelin Karubara Kash, Dr. Yves Maniragaba, Veronique Coppin –
Medics Without Vacation

Description of the project:

In combination with the purchase of EKG devices and reanimation training, given and followed by Medics Without Vacation, an AED device (automatic external defibrillator: resuscitation in cardiac arrest) is provided in the emergency departments of psychiatry (which are followed by MWV).


Any emergency admission to Fracarita's psychiatric hospitals must be able to perform resuscitation independently and professionally pending.


Psychiatric hospitals in Bujumbura, N'Gozi, Gitega and Sosame.

Budget: 5220.50€


No major risks, since Doctors Without Vacation frequently organizes missions in these hospitals.
dr. Nele Van Gheluwe, emergency doctor in Deinze and field volunteer at MWV, who will take care of the resuscitation training in Africa, will ensure that the devices are used correctly on site.

Attached documents:

price offer Cardio Service for 5 devices


Follow-up of the project

Date:                          October 19th 2022
Name project:           AED devices for emergency services

Report by Véronique Coppin, Medics Without Vacation (MWV)

General status:

Special thanks for the extraordinary support you provided here on the various emergency admissions. I've been in Bujumbura for a few days and barely recognise the service we started up! Such progress! It is nice to work like this.

Progress since last status report:

In March '22 the situation was confrontational and difficult. Therefor we took some important decisions and also gave some (difficult) assignments to the team itself and look now: we are halfway through October and they made giant steps forward (there is still a lot of follow-up work to do, but I am happy!)
Every patient now lies in a nice and clean iron bed with mosquito net; the nursing files are finally part of the medical record... but above all: every patient who is admitted gets an EKG before psychopharmacology is started and MWV has also invested in an AED machine for every division!
Dr Nele came onsite to give training.
The lessons were difficult, repetition was necessary, but I am proud to say that there is at least one nurse on each ward who passed the tests successfully and the doctors have the basic skills to read EKG’s. If the results are abnormal, people are sent to the cardiologist at the general hospital. What a progress!

Financial status:

The donated funds were used as planned.


There are -as we thought- a lot of people coming in on the ER acting confused, but for sure not all of them should be send to the psychiatric hospital.

Attached documents (pictures, receipts,…):

Pictures to follow later (or upon return to Belgium) given too weak internet signal from Burundi


Follow-up october 2022

Date:                    October 23rd 2022
Name project:       AED devices for emergency services

General status:

- Lack of guidelines on patients' cardiac status prior to initiation
  of certain treatments.
- Lack of knowledge and skills in the use of the devices and the interpretation
  of the results.
- Insufficient knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation of patients on the
  emergency services.
Hence the request for support for equipment and training for neuropsychiatric centers in the use of the electrocardiogram.

Progress since last status report:

The caregivers in the four centers have new knowledge in the field of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They can use the material and interpret the results.
Since training, they have been using the EKG machine for patient follow-up and for adapting the treatment of patients with psychotropic drugs.

Financial status:

The entire budget was spent on the 4 electrocardiogram machines.


Delay in the repatriation and clearance of the devices.

Attached documents (pictures, receipts,…):

- Photos during user training
-The documents justifying the purchase and the extract from the accounts of
  Doctors Without Vacation who justify payment from the supplier.
-The report of the training of the users by the partner.