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Gitega Burundi 2022
Follow-up 2022






AED devices for emergency services

Location:             Bujumbura (2 units), N'Gozi (1), Gitega (1) and Sosame (1) : psychiatric hospitals of Fracarita, Burundi

Project leadtime: one-time-purchase

Requestor:          Dr. Marcelin Karubara Kash, Dr. Yves Maniragaba, Veronique Coppin –
Medics Without Vacation

Description of the project:

In combination with the purchase of EKG devices and reanimation training, given and followed by Medics Without Vacation, an AED device (automatic external defibrillator: resuscitation in cardiac arrest) is provided in the emergency departments of psychiatry (which are followed by MWV).


Any emergency admission to Fracarita's psychiatric hospitals must be able to perform resuscitation independently and professionally pending.


Psychiatric hospitals in Bujumbura, N'Gozi, Gitega and Sosame.

Budget: 5220.50€


No major risks, since Doctors Without Vacation frequently organizes missions in these hospitals.
dr. Nele Van Gheluwe, emergency doctor in Deinze and field volunteer at MWV, who will take care of the resuscitation training in Africa, will ensure that the devices are used correctly on site.

Attached documents:

price offer Cardio Service for 5 devices


Follow-up of the project