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Heikenskermis 2014
A human history
Follow-up of the action







A human history

The ‘human story’ behind 'JYA MU BANDI MWANA' (A world for all children) Rwanda
and ‘Vleugels van Hoop’ Belgium

‘Living’ in Africa.

More a matter of ‘surviving’ for the average man and woman. BUT what if you’re on top of it disabled?

Standards and values are changing and fading.

If you then manage to stay alive, you for sure need somebody to care to you ….
A huge amount of people and cultures in Africa considers a ‘handicap’ as a punishment from the gods, a curse on the family,… When you’re born as disabled you, in the worst case, risk to be killed, to be locked in the family circle and therefor are invisible for the outer world, to be left as foundling,… But step by step changes are happening!
Also in the Rwandese centre ‘Jya Mu Bandi Mwana’.
More and more centres are offering humane care.

A short explanation what it is about: The members of  ‘Vleugels van Hoop’ are regularly travelling, on their own costs of course, to Central Africa. Their regular driver, Jean D.G., never spoke about his family. His wife, Xavérine, started in 2002 a centre in which she shelters disabled children and youngsters… We have visited this centre.
The location was totally unsuitable as a shelter for disabled children.
There was no money for improvements. After a while a new site was assigned for a period of 99 years …. ‘Vleugels van Hoop’ supported the adjustments and improvements of this site and the buildings. Finally they got a new home!

Today they have to leave the site!

The situation is unsustainable! Every day somebody from the district comes by to threaten they have to leave.
Money and power will win again!

Luckily there is a small spark of hope!

An international organisation has donated a piece of land with some minor plantations.
There is a construction plan but no funds to build. Xavérine is an incredible lady with a very big heart, but what can she do when being put on the street with 267 youngsters? Years of effort are nullified.
She can’t offer a solution to all the families, despite how hard she would want it!!
She doesn’t give in easily but you have to admit: would you also not be discouraged yourself?

Summarising a life story is the least ‘Vleugels van Hoop’ can do, with the fiery hope to find support for building the most needed rooms and afterwards, over the coming years, for installing the site with a therapeutic room, classes, etc…

This story should not end here!


Follow-up of the project

Heikenskermis 2014


Rain the whole week long… till Saturday afternoon!
Then the sun suddenly got, just as we all, WINGS !
Is became an enjoyable afternoon in good company.
At 16h30 the guests started to come in smoothly.
Nice reunion, no haste no stress, an aperitif in our hand, a complete picture!
Around 18h00 most guest were already enjoying the delicious barbecue.

There were fantastic prices for the tombola. They were received by the winners with a ‘winged smile”:

  • A homemade ham offered by Traiteur Filip, Waasmunter

The hours of relaxing and amusement went far too fast but we enjoyed together with all people, who became friends by now.
Hopefully we can repeat this for many years to support the ones with highest needs.

Again a sincere “Thank you” to all guest, helpers, sponsors, and to those who could not join us today but are supporting the activities and projects of Vleugels van Hoop vzw by other means!!

Next reunion : Saturday August 15th 2015

Vleugels van Hoop-team



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