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Jya Mu Bandi Mwana
Rwanda 2015
Follow-up 2015
May 2015
August 2015





Construction of a centre for disabled children - phase 2

Location: Nyacyonga, district Gasabo

Project leadtime: 6 months

Requestor: Didier SEMANYENZI on behalf of Jya Mu Bandi Mwana

Description of the project:

After the successful closing of the 1st phase of the construction project (project 54 A) all the foundations are foreseen for the main buildings (classes, dormitories, refectory and kitchen, office and physiotherapy room) and the walls for the 3 classes and the refectory and kitchen are finalised till above the windows.


To allow Jya Mu Bandi Mwana to move to their new center on top of mount Jali, het objectives of this 2nd phase are:

  • Finishing the 3 classrooms
  • Finishing the refectory and kitchen
  • Construction of the 2 dormitories


267 disabled children at Jya Mu Bandi Mwana



Budget in RwFr

Budget in €

Finalizing the masonry

10.885.440 RwFr

+/- € 13.000

Finalizing the roofs

15.873.411 RwFr

+/- € 19.000

Biogas installation and finalizing 1 block with toilets and showers

6.700.000 RwFr

+/- € 8.000


33.458.851 RwFr

+/- € 40.000


Attached documents:

Detailed budget proposal


Follow-up of the project

Date: March 12th 2015
Name project: Construction of a centre for disabled children - phase 2

General status:


The construction works in the centre started in June 2014. This construction project is being realized with the financial support of our partner Vleugels Van Hoop. This huge plan will, after alignment with our partner, be realized in several phases. The current report concerns the progress of the activities in the period from end of January to beginning of March 2015.

Current situation

The activities realized in this period are:

  • Construction of the classrooms up til roof height
  • Construction of the refectory
  • Construction of the 1st dormitory
  • Purchase of equipment and materials for the roofing
  • Digging of the 1st septic tank
  • Necessary steps to obtain a connection to the electricity net

Progress since last status report:

The funds for the 2nd phase were available end of January 2015. The construction works were continued (see table below).


Expected duration



Construction of the classrooms up til roof height

3 days



Construction of the refectory

2 weeks


Construction up till roof height ongoing; takes 1 week

Construction dormitories

3,5 weeks


1 dormitory if half completed

Purchase equipment and materials for the roofs

1 week


1ste ordering done
Waiting for delivery

Digging of the 1st septic tank

1 month


Could take longer because of the rocky underground

Request for connection to the electricity net



Rwanda Energy Group – REG, responsible for the distribution, made an offer already. As other persons are waiting for connection we’re in a contact phase related to a split of costs.

Financial status:


Amount in RwFr

Revenues 2nd phase :


in January 2015


beginning of March 2015



33 423 390

Expenses 2nd phase

5 652 200


27 771 190


Some hurdles who hinder the smooth progress of the works:

  • Delay in supplying bricks: the supplier informed us about a changed technology of baking the bricks: instead of using wood now sawdust and rice bans are used; this according recommendations/requirements of the National Agency of Environmental protection. They guarantee that the normal production rhythm will be picked up again from mid of March.
  • The unpredictable time needed to get connection to the electricity net: as the roof will be supported by a metal construction, electricity is a necessity. The National Agency responsible for the distribution of electricity (Rwanda Energy Group – REG) can’t give us a precise data for the connection … they informed us we have to be patient!
    This of course results in a ‘pity’ delay 

In general the progress is not as expected because of above mentioned reasons. On top of that the long rain season starts in April; therefore we’re going to increase the rhythm of the activities in the remaining weeks of March (the first bricks are delivered by now).

Related to the electricity connection we will put some pressure at the society and ask local authorities to negotiate for us.

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):

Pictures of the yard (beginning of March 2015)


May 2015

General status and progress since last status report:

Since June 2014 Jya Mu Bandi Mwana is building a new centre for children and youngsters with a disability. This construction project became possible by the financial support of our partners, Vleugels van Hoop vzw.

Together with our partner it was agreed to execute the project in different phases. This is a middle long-term project. This report is about the activities performed up till end of May 205.

Activities phase II

Realisation (yes/no/ongoing)


Construction of classes till roof level



Construction of refectory till roof level



Construction 2 dormitories


Dormitory 1 till roof level – Dormitory 2 half ready

Purchase of materials for the roofs


First order of the roof tiles OK

Digging septic and slurry puts



Electricity works


Waiting for Rwanda Energy Group – payment done

Financial status: End of May 2015



  • Income phase 2


  • Expenditures till end of May 2015


  1. Brick works

Finishing classes and refectory
Construction 2 dormitories


  1. Roof constructions and roofs

Purchase materials roof constructions
Materials for the roofs


  1. Toilets and showers

Digging septic put
Digging slurry puts


  1. Connection electricity-net

Payment costs offer Rwanda Energy Group


Total expenditures


Balance A – B


Problems and solutions:

  • Bricks: the supplier could not fulfil his promises; we had to look out for another supplier (at higher costs)
  • The uncontrolled time needed for the connection to the electricity net: 'Rwanda Energy Group - REG' is very unclear related to the connection. According to the latest information, provided by the responsible person for this area, this will take place in the beginning of June.

We underestimated this part! Our technician assumed we could share the costs with our neighbours, but till today electricity is no priority for them.
Therefore we were obliged to take the costs to afterwards, when they want to
connect too, calculated their costs through.  

  • Delay in activities: This season we had exceptionally lot of rain; therefore we had to stop the works sometimes.

Conclusion and perspectives:

As soon as we will be connected to the electricity net the construction of the roofs will start (probably beginning or mid of June).

The construction of the dormitories goes further. The long dry season is starting in June which will make the construction activities a lot more easy.


August 2015

Date: August 10th 2015
Name project: Project 54B - Construction of a center for disabled children - phase 2

General status:

Following the report of May 15th following activities were ongoing:

  • Completion of 2 dormitories
  • Construction of truss and roof works
  • Connection to the electricity net

Progress since last status report:




Completing 2 dormitories


Dormitory 2 is build up to roof level.
4 units are completed.

Construction truss + roof works


Realization of the assembly is ongoing at another location because of th assembly unavailability of electricity
Start construction truss

Connection electricity net

Waiting !

Still waiting !! The new distributor, Rwanda Energy group – REG, just completed a personnel reorganization with delays as a consequence. We keep on putting pressure and decided in the meanwhile to do the assembly (welding) at another location to place the truss later on

Financial status:


Amount (RwFr)

A. Received funds for phase 2

    33 423 390

B. Expenditures till end May 2015     

I. Brick works

  • Finalization construction block 1 of classrooms and refectory
  • Construction 2 dormitories

10 600 540

II. Truss & roof works

  • Purchase material and equipment for truss
  • Ordering material and equipment for roof works

12 215 200

III. Toilets  & showers

  • Digging septic tank
  • Digging puts

1 741 500

IV. Connection electricity net

  • Paiment of functional costs according the quote of Rwanda Energy Group

4 372 000


28 929 240

transfer: A - B

 4 494 150

C. Expenditures till beginning of August 2015

I.   Brick works

  • Finalizing dormitories

          845 600

II.   Truss and roof works

  • Assembly materials (purchase of amongst other things baguettes, circular saws and others, transport, rent material (amongst other things drilling machines, polishing machine, work hours, …)
  • Construction truss  (work hours and small materials, rent of a generator, welder …)

       3 333 150


          315 400

Current situation and perspectives:

The timber works are executed with the help of a electricity generator. The contract with the supplier of the truss includes the finalization of the classrooms, the refectory and a dormitory. For the roof works we already ordered the tiles. This work will start of the finalization of the truss.

We will complete this 2nd phase with finalizing the timberworks (i.e. mid, latest end of August 2015). This way all building will be constructed except for the small administration building. The budget foreseen for this one is used in the negotiation to get electricity (too low budgeted in the start phase).

In the next phase, the 3rd one (this one could be realized from September to December if budget is available), we would plan for following activities:

  • Construction roofs (only working hours as tiles are already delivered)
  • Finishing activities (trim vertical walls, floors, paths, installation electricity, sanitary facilities and kitchen).

Attached documents (pictures):

j1 j2

j3 j4



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