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Kabale CRVO Uganda 2019
Follow-up 2019





CRVO – Purchase of land for agriculture    

Location:             Kabele, Uganda

Project leadtime: 3 months

Requestor:          Leonard Tumwesigye on behalf of Children Rescue Voluntary
                           Organisation (CRVO)

Description of the project:

Buying land for agricultural will increase opportunities for food security for the more than 125 children and for parents and guardians to work as a team, to learn and grow sufficient and various food crops for sale.
In the guardians meeting held on September 30th 2018 it was agreed that once land is bought to enable agriculture on large scale, then the sales will also support disabled children who failed to go to school due to lack of wheel chairs.


Purchase a land of 3,5 acres (1,4 hectares) and use the seeds for Irish potatoes cultivation produced in project 93.


  • The children of CRVO
  • The guardians and families
  • Disabled children


48.000.000 Uganda Shillings = 11.700 €


  • Too dry, too sunny seasons
  • A shelter/store to be constructed

Attached documents:

More detailed budgetting


Follow-up of the project

Date:                May 27th 2019
Name project: Purchase of land for agriculture

General status:

On March 7th land for CRVO was purchased with the aim of improving on agriculture growing which is the backbone of economy.

Progress since last status report:

After the purchase of the land, we started the process of putting in the organic manure to make it more fertile to get good yields. Thereafter we gave it little time to rest, as the seeds get ready for planting. Currently, till mid of June we are tilling the land to be ready for planting in the first half of July. We are grateful that because of the first planting, three of our children CRVO, who were actively involved in agriculture, got inspired by the project and has now started to study further agriculture. They’ll be trained in agriculture majoring in crop husbandry

Financial status:

All the funds for purchasing of land were spend.


- high transport costs
- lack of storage
- expensive labour
- climate changes affecting the planting season

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):




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