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Kabale Uganda 2014
Follow-up 2014





Name project: Buying land for agriculture

Location: Kabale - Uganda

Project lead time: 6 months from start

Requestor: Leonard Tumwesigye for Children Rescue Voluntary Organisation

Description of the project:

Buying land for agriculture is the project proposed. This is intended to be bought in kabala near children’s home which is found in south western Uganda. Kabale is a densely populated area which has resulted into many children becoming vulnerable as a result of poverty, orphanage, and diseases among others.


Due to high population, there is scarcity of land and this makes the cost of living too expensive due to lack of enough land for agriculture. The purpose of buying land next to children’s home is to enable them get where to grow some crops for feeding those inside the home and all other children under CRVO.


The beneficiaries are all the children under the wings of Children Rescue Voluntary Organisation.
Once this project takes off, it will enable us grow different crops which will help children to develop some agricultural skills.


This land on sale is at 30 million Uganda shillings and it is two metres from children’s house.

At the exchange rate of 23/05/2014 (€ 1 = 3457,81 Uganda Shillings) : € 8.676



Follow-up of the project

Date: August 8th 2014
Name project: Buying land for agriculture

General status:

The purchase of the land was finalised in the beginning of June and immediately the agricultural activities started, to earn money to pay the increased school fees for the children.

Progress since last status report:

The first taken activity on the new piece of land was the cultivation of cabbage, as we waited for the potatoes seeds to be ready for the end of august season. We are so grateful for this as it enabled children to continue school. Children loved to participate in the agricultural activities and the cabbage yield was partly consumed by the children themselves, where the rest was sold to pay the school fees. All children are continuing school and their school results of last semester are better than the previous ones. We register this big achievement to Vleugels van Hoop vzw members for its maximum support and cooperation. Some guardians have also participated and some children have been able to get some cabbages to take to their homes, on their heads.

Financial status:


Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):

Pictures of cabbage cultivation and children with their school report of today (August 8th)



Images august 2014 Clic here