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Kabale Uganda 2022
Follow-up 2023






Boosting candle making

Location:             Kabale, Uganda             

Project leadtime: 2 months

Requestor:          Leonard Tumwesigye for Children Rescue Voluntary Organisation (CRVO)

Description of the project:

Recapitalizing of the candle making activities for a better production is needed as because of the tough economical situation the project made unpredictable losses, there was a decline in sales and we faced strong increased prices for raw materials. The project has been in operation and contributed greatly to children’s welfare, provision of employment to community members, equipping children with livelihood skills among others, as well as playing a very significant role in meeting the high school demands (school fees) and other necessities.


  • Regain our high production that will enable us to get more income
  • Create employment opportunities to the vulnerable youth and community members
  • Enable the vulnerable children acquire the livelihood skills for selfreliance


200 children and youth under the responsibility of CRVO


24.100.000 Uganda Shillings, being 6.514,00 €


Boosting the candle making in this festive season is risk free since the products made will be easily to sell.

Attached documents:

Detailled budget


Follow-up of the project

Date:                    January 27th, 2023
Name project:       Boosting candle making

General status:

This project was to help the organisation resume its production of candle making as one of the strategies of raising funds to help in meeting the hiked cost of living. The project intended to engage children in production as they were breaking for a long holiday from December 2022 to early February 2023.

Progress since last status report:

Many children learned how to make candles, so the production increased. We managed to purchase threads for the two machines, we bought 2000 kgs of paraffin wax.

Financial status:

As earlier planned, we managed to buy the needed thread, candle wax, polythene paper for packing, diesel and transported the materials, for a total of 24.100.000 Ush.


We only have two machines, it affected the life of the machines and caused some mechanical problems, we can rely on only one machine. Repairs are expensive, especially because the technician must come from Kampala.
- too few machines in relation to the number of children,
- some children needed more time, which is difficult to cope with with only one reliable machine,
- as this project has proved to be very productive and many children are interested, it would take at least 6 machines to achieve sufficient production and ensure that every child can learn the technique.

Attached documents (pictures, receipts,…):




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