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Kitabi Rwanda 2023
Follow-up 2023






Piggery farm

Location:                 Kitabi, Rwanda

Project leadtime:     12 months       

Requestor:              Sister Thaciana Mukashyaka, Congregation of Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Description of the project:

The Kitabi Center takes care of more than 60 disabled children, most of whom come from relatively poor families. Fifteen of these children are taken care of in the center for appropriate care.
The center receives no outside aid or other source of income to meet its needs.
This project will contribute to the operating costs through the sale of piglets. It will also help the local population to acquire new farming techniques.


- Create a source of income to meet the needs of the center
- Breeding pigs of an improved breed in order to sell them for the benefit of the center
- Helping the local population raise pigs using modern techniques.


60 poor families who bring their children to the center and the children themselves who stay in the center for rehabilitation care (physiotherapy).

Budget: 4.360 €



Attached documents:



Follow-up of the project