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Lodja Congo 2020
Follow-up may 2020






Repair of the roof of the Afumba primary school in Lodja


Location:            Lodja region; Parish Lodja Saint Desire, Diocese of Tshumbe Sainte-Marie, Sankuru Province, DR Congo

Project leadtime:   6 months

Requestor:           Sister Takotshe Wandjowo Catherine
                            Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters
                            from Saint Francis of Assisi from Tshumbe

Description of the project:

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi in Tshumbe is an institution for diocesan legislation, founded in 1953. The congregation provides schools, health centers, maternities and hospitals and orphanages.
The context in which we run our schools is very complex and financially difficult, within the congregation and among the population. The economic crisis complicates and blocks the realization or implementation of certain projects, in particular the repair and construction of houses.
This is the case today with the repair of the roof of a primary school building, swept away by a major storm that has never been seen in our area. The situation is dramatic, the students are outside.


Repairing the roof of a building of the Afumba primary school, washed away by the storm: a firmer roof that is adapted to the current climatic conditions and enables the good study conditions for our students.


The pupils of the Afumba primary school.


9.380,00$ (8417€)


No risk with the realization of this project, we have the certainty to execute the project on time.

Attached documents:

  • Bank details
  • Budget


Follow-up of the project

Date:                    May 11th, 2020
Name project:       Repair of the roof of the Afumba primary school in Lodja

General status:

The rehabilitation project for the roof of the Afumba primary school in Lodja, started in February 2020, was well completed in April 2020. And we will send you attached photos of the different stages of the work.
We thank you with all our heart for this financial support.

Progress since last status report:

There were two phases in the implementation of this project:

- Purchase and collection of materials for the repair of the school,
- Execute the work in two months.

In general, we have made a lot of progress in a short time with the completion of this project.

Financial status:

We received an amount of € 8,417 (or $ 9,380).
The amount received was enough to do all the work, there was no balance.
Everything was exactly right.


There were no problems with the repair of the roof.
The congregation helped with paint and cement, which were in the depot of the general economat.

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):

Financial report, photo’s, invoices



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