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Mabayi Burundi 2020
Follow-up mai 2020
Follow-up july 2020






Sewing machines (mechanical)

Location:                       Mabayi, Province Cibitoke, Burundi

Project leadtime:         1 year

Requestor:                    A.D.A.B (represented by Bararwendera Joséphine)

Description of the project:

Young people complete the vocational training but cannot effort to buy a sewing machine. A.D.A.B. often gets the question to rent a machine. As all sewing machines for A.D.A.B. are rented already, we cannot reply positive on this question.

A.D.A.B does not have sufficient means to buy more machines. In case a benefactor would help us we would do all needed to support this target group in their integration in the socio-economic world.

When a youngster manages to buy his/her own machine, the rented one is returned to A.D.A.B. The machine will then be handed over to another youngster.


  • Rental of mechanical sewing machines (under a contract) to young people
  • Learn youngster to safe money from the incomes from the rented machines
  • Increase their self-reliance by making them pay a small monthly fee for the rented machine
  • Help the youngster to integrate in the socio-economic world


Youngsters of Mabayi who completed their tailoring vocational training.


1.725 € for the purchase of 10 sewing machines


  • Youngsters with bad intensions could sell their machine or make it stolen
  • After several years the machines will be in a poor condition
  • Problems related to spare parts

Attached documents:


Follow-up of the project

Date:                    May 30th 2020
Name project:       Sewing machines (mechanical)

General status:

- The sewing machines are purchased
- A list is established of young consumers
- The model of the lease agreement is developed

Progress since last status report:

This is the first report. Next week a meeting is planned with all the users to discuss the project objectives and the contract signing.

Financial status: (BIF = Burundi franc)

- Total cost of the project: 3.500.000 BIF
- Purchase of 10 machines: 3.250.000 BIF
- Transport: 150.000 BIF
- Mounting & control: 100.000 BIF


The purchase of the sewing machines was slightly delayed, as we first had to find a storage space to store them safely before distributing them.

Attached documents (pictures, reçu’s,…):

Pictures, invoice…


Follow-up july 2020

Date:                          30 July 2020
Name project:           Sewing machines (mechanical)

Project No.:                104

General status:

All 10 machines are functioning well. There are no complaints from the users.

Progress since last status report:

A dozen young people practice the learned profession.
They are very happy and grateful to the association Vleugels van Hoop.

Financial status:

This is the first month of activities and all users are debutants.
As a result, revenues are still very low: 5.000fbu X 4 = 20.000fbu.
For the 3-month trial period, the Association ADAB charges 5.000fbu/month/person for rent.



Attached documents (pictures, receipts,…):

Lease contracts, pictures