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Muleba Tanzania 2020
Follow-up 2020





Rehabilitation and sustainable maintenance of 14 village wells

Location:               6 villages – Muleba district - Tanzania

Project leadtime:   1 year

Requestor:            Richard KBataringaya on behalf of Action for Ngono Basin
                              Reforestation (ACTNGONO)

Description of the project:

This project will improve the access to safe and clean water for domestic use and livestock, for the residents of 6 villages in the Muleba district : Kiyebe, Rugando, Nkahama, Rubao, Nshambya, Ibare. The originally 34 wells were constructed in 2002 but as no handover and information on well maintenance was provided, by now only 2 of them are still operational. The project will be executed in 2 phases where in the 1st phase 1 well per village will be replenished and in the 2nd phase all remaining wells.


  • Rehabilitate & refurbish 14 hand dug wells in 6 villages
  • Train 24 men well maintenance and repair mechanics 
  • Promote replication of the experience in other wards
  • Promote hygiene and sanitation training in 6 villages.


Village Population
Kiyebe 3.106
Rugando 2.441
Nkahama 2.463
Rubao 1.834
Nshambya 2.402
Ibare 1.359
Total  13.605


The overall project budget is 47.656.000 Tanzanian Shillings from which ACTNGONO will fund 36% themselves. The funding confirmed by Vleugels van Hoop is the 30.590.000 Tanzanian Shillings, equal to about 11.700 €.


Risks will be low as the project will benefit from the lessons learned from the 2002 implementation project.

Attached documents:

Detailed proposal, pictures of some wells, registration certificate, ….


Follow-up of the project



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