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Muleba Tanzania 2023
Follow-up 2023






Indigenous Cattle Dispersal and sustainable kitchen gardening

Location:              5 wards in Muleba - Tanzania

Project leadtime: 12 months

Requestor:          Richard KBataringaya on behalf of Action for Ngono Basin
                              Reforestation (ACTNGONO)

Description of the project:

The aim of this project is to improve income and nutritional levels of 25 women and girls with disabilities and 25 mothers of children with disabilities in order to support themselves and their children to ably increase affordability of basic needs especially health care, clothing and food.
Qualified individuals received 1 mature female cow and a contract is signed between the individual and ACTNGONO. The beneficiaries build their own cattle pens and are responsible for giving animal feed and providing daily care for the animals. The the recipient is expected to give back 1 offspring of six months old which must be in good condition to be given to another beneficiary as a gift, along with sharing knowledge, skills and values acquired from the project.
Additionally the 50 women will receive seeds for kitchen vegetable gardening. The cows dung and urine will improve the yield.


  • Stimulate an increase in livestock as source of alternative cash income for families and enable access to education, better food, milk,….
  • Build capacity for disabled families in sustainable kitchen gardening.
  • Create employment for the idle members of the community by having them participate in caring for the livestock.         
  • 30% reduction in malnutrition among women and girls and their malnourished children.


The direct beneficiaries are 25 women and girls with disabilities and 25 mothers of children with disabilities. At least 300 indirect beneficiaries have adopted cows rearing and kitchen vegetable growing gardens


The overall budget is 30.670.000 Tanzania shillings. Financial support requested from Vleugels van Hoop is 21.250.000 Tanzania shillings, equivalent to 8?076 €, for the purchase of the cows and the seeds.



Attached documents:

Detailed budgeting


Follow-up of the project