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Nyangezi Congo 2022
Follow-up 2022







Location:                  Nyangezi, DR Congo

Project leadtime:  6 months

Requestor:            FURAHA SAKINA for Association des Jeunes Pour la Paix et  
                              l’Initiative de la Démocratie « AJPID »

Description of the project:

The mission is to produce bricks to reduce unemployment and fight banditry by creating income-generating activities and improving the living conditions of the youth.
The project also aims to bring down the market price through increased sales of bricks.


- Selling the baked bricks in local markets,
- Reducing unemployment by creating this income-generating activity,
- Reducing banditry and theft due to youth unemployment,
- Improvement of living conditions,
- Creation of new income-generating activities by the beneficiaries thanks to the
  production of bricks for the construction industry.


185 young adults aged between 18 and 35


Total funding 6.590€ of which :
     Local contribution from AJPID : 1.440 €
     Funds from Vleugels van Hoop: 5.150 €


- There are no risks that could hinder the implementation of the project, as the land used
  for the bricks is of good quality,
- the bricks are valued and in demand,
- the project is supported by the direct beneficiaries and the local authorities in
  the context of combating unemployment

Attached documents:

Detailed budget and bank account details


Follow-up of the project