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Okweta Uganda 2024
Follow-up 2024





Poultry project       

Location:               Okweta, Katine County, Soroti district - Uganda

Project leadtime: 6 months

Requestor:              James Alemu on behalf of Hands for Children

Description of the project:

The poultry project involves the production of eggs and their sale.
Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative agro-businesses. Eggs and poultry meat are consumed every day, but demand exceeds supply. It is easy to run and requires less costs. The project is expected to start with 300 laying hens. Broiler chickens are introduced after one year.
The chicken manure is packed in bags and used as feed for the pigs and as manure for the gardens to improve yields.


The proceeds from this project are intended as income for the new school, the Nursery School-Olocoi, which was founded in 2023. The teachers need teaching materials, the children need books, pens and pencils.


The children and teachers of the Nursery School.

Budget: 25.020.000 UGX - 6375 €



Attached documents:

Detailed budget


Follow-up of the project



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