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Ronde van Vlaanderen 2015
Follow-up action 2015






Follow-up of the action

Driven or …..???

Many of us are witness from out of our couch, in front of the television, with a beer in our hand… but for some the scenario is totally different.

Around 16.000 people participated in the Ronde van Vlaanderen – edition 2015 from whom 14.000 made it all the way; one of them was our “winged” Dirk Duquet!
It for sure was a heavy challenge, even for real Flandriens. The very bad weather made lots of them surrender!

Around 07h30 the start of a trip of 256 kilometres was given in Brugge.
Dirk and his tour-companion Brecht defied in a splendid way the cold, windy and mostly wet climate.
A number of fans of Vleugels van Hoop, well protected against rain and wind, were witness of their heroic act. On several agreed spots we helped Dirk’s wife, sister, daughter and godchild,… a bit in providing food and drinks to the champions.
Around 19h we were, after a day with terrible weather, witness of their arrival in Oudenaarde… RESPECT guys !!!!

We, Vleugels van Hoop, would like to thank Dirk for his magnificent sponsored bike trail of “Flanders most beautiful”.
His achievement has given our organisation a “big gift”. Thanks to this we will be able to finance phase 3 of our mega-construction project to give Jya My Bandi Mwana a new home for their 267 disabled children.

Thank you Dirk on behalf of the disabled children in the country of the 1000 hills.

Bernadette and the Vleugels van Hoop-team



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