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Rwabarera Uganda 2023
Follow-up 2023






Waterhole boring

Location:             Rwabarera, Kabale - Uganda   

Project leadtime: 4 months

Requestor:          Leonard Tumwesigye for Children Rescue Voluntary Organisation (CRVO)

Description of the project:

The target of this project is to bore a waterhole in Rwabarera to provide clean safe water to many people, especially in rural areas. The water hole will serve 3 villages.
In order to ensure sustainability a team of selected members of four can be  entrusted to take full responsibilities of the management on the waterhole.

In order to drill water 4 steps are to be considered as
1)      Hydro-geologist to establish the most suitable drilling site.
2)      Drilling and construction and here machinery is used to drill deep into the earth surface
3)      Determining the yield of the bore hole(pump test)
4)      Pumping and piping the borehole


Drilling for water is meant to address the scarcity of water for improved hygiene and sanitation meaning that children will no longer have to walk long distance in search of clean water. Once this water is in place ,it helps children who were being absent due to failure to access water during dry seasons which has become one of the biggest challenges communities are faced with. Due to the change of climate, we have continued to experience long dry season and this has drained the water harvesting tanks that  depend on rainy seasons.


The direct beneficiaries will be the entire community where children in each community constitute the highest number. One bore hole will benefit thousands of people from and around Rwabarera village.


28.850.000 Uganda Shillings, being 7.552 €



Attached documents:

Detailed budgeting


Follow-up of the project