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Soroti Uganda 2020
Follow-up 2020





Village clinic

Location:                       Okweta, Katine county, Soroti district - Uganda

Project leadtime:         6 months    

Requestor:                    James Alemu on behalf of Hands for Children

Description of the project:

The village clinic, to be built at the Joy centre, will be a non-profit health care provider and will be designed as a Health Centre II facility as defined by the Uganda Ministry of Health. The clinic will provide primary medical care including general medical services, disease testing, inoculation, medical dispensing and community health education.


Besides the above the clinic will be offering:

  • child health care services, information, consultation and referrals for complications
  • A laboratory for testing blood (e.g. for HIV/aids), saliva, stool tests, …
  • Immunization of children against the 6 killer diseases

The clinic will be equipped with (basic) medical supplies like diagnostic kits, temperature and blood pressure measuring devices, otoscopes, opthalmoscopes, a scanning machine….and will be operation around the clock.


All people in the Okweta community, with priority on the children. The children will be treated free where adult patients will pay a nominal fee per visit.


Clinic building and furniture 61.414.000 Uganda Shillings  
Medical equipment 7.710.000 Uganda Shillings  
Starting medicine 7.300.000 Uganda Shillings  
Total 76.424.000 Uganda Shillings 18.965 €



Attached documents:

Detailed budget figures, ground plan, …


Follow-up of the project



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