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Soroti Uganda 2021
Follow-up 2021






Fencing of the Hands4children centre

Location:                Soroti district - Okweta Village - Uganda

Project leadtime:   12 months

Requestor:            James Alemu on behalf of Hands for children

Description of the project:

For the safety of the 200 children, a fence of 250 by 500 meters will be put in place, as protection against unwanted visitors and animals and against vandalism. A guard at the gate guarantees the security.


  • Keep the children safe and sound and protect them against sexual predators, kidnappers and even wild animals.
  • Increase the level of safety and security for the boys and girls and everything inside the dormitories, the clinic and the compound
  • Enhance the supervision of the boys and girls in the dormitories, allowing monitoring when or why the boys/girls leave.
  • Avoid vandalism in the dormitories and the clinic.
  • Allow for a sound mind for the parents and guardians, that their children are in good hands and allow children to feel secure in their learning environment so they can focus.


200 girls and boys.


12.655,00 Euro or 51.250.000 Uganda Shillings



Attached documents:

Detailed budget


Follow-up of the project



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