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SOVHEN Uganda 2020
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“Soil in a Box” gardens for fisherfolk households – fase 1

Location:                   Shores of Lake Victoria, Mpigi district, Nkozi, Mawokota South Constituency, Uganda

Project leadtime:     1 year

Requestor:                Richard Bbaale on behalf of Supporting Orphans And Vulnerable For Better Health, Education And Nutrition (SOVHEN)

Description of the project:

COVID-19 has forced fisherfolk households to reduce the number of meals they eat a day. 
The fisherfolk households will start and maintain a ‘Soil in a box’: this garden is unique, with a vertical design and vermin-composting system which converts 9 square feet into 36 square feet of farming space capable of growing up to 200 plants per season, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes.
This project will be implemented in 2 phases.


  • these Soil in a box gardens will avail the fisherfolk households with nutritious food and helps in combating the problem of chronic malnutrition and micro-nutrient deficiency.
  • and can help create women entrepreneurs, because it gives them a chance to generate their own income.


  • Phase 1: 20 fisherfolk households
  • Phase 2: 30 fisherfolk households


Phase 1: 12.161.600 Uganda Shillings (+/- 2764 €)
Phase 2: 18.242.400 Uganda Shillings (+/- 4146 €)


No major risks as Soil in a Box” garden can’t be washed away by the rains, running floods etc.

Attached documents:

Detailed budget, photos


Follow-up of the project



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