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't Spijker Hoogstraten 2014
Follow-up action





Presentation of the project "rearing pigs in Rwanda"
to the children of the primary school "SPIJKER" in Hoogstraten.

I was very pleased when the school where I worked during my entire teacher's career, agreed to sponsor a project of "Vleugels van Hoop" in Rwanda.

From Wednesday February the 12th on until Friday the 14th, my husband and me, accompanied by a team of Vleugels van Hoop, we spent three days in the school "Spijker " in Hoogstraten introducing the project "rearing pigs in Rwanda". During different sessions, each counting some 40 children, we offered the pupils the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of Rwanda, the difficult living conditions of the Rwandan people and their aspirations. The children listened carefully and we were really touched by the enthusiastic reactions of both pupils and teachers.
Hence, we would like to seize this opportunity to thank the headmaster, who even found the time to attend one of our sessions, the teachers and the pupils of the primary school "Spijker" in Hoogstraten.

Anita De Bont


Follow-up of the action

Early this morning (not as early as François though) I got up to go to the mass in Hoogstraten.
The mass started with the ‘Vleugels van Hoop’ song by Jean Bosco Safari.
A real emo-moment, to hear the song in that beautiful gothic church.
At the end the director informed the children in a very funny way about the result of their sponsored walk.
He went to a farmer in Wortel and brought with him a female pig and 18 piglets, in a big cardboard box, covered with a cloth…in the church!??
Next to it a bucket with the money all children collected. This one was handed over to Miss Anita (former colleague at the school).

INCREDIBLE … an amount of 4050,72 €  

So no cheque but a bucket full of coins, which I took with me and will bring to the bank tomorrow.
The piglets in the box were money-box-piglets; each class gets one to keep on thinking about ‘Vleugels van Hoop’.

Anita has thanked all the children, in all our names, for the walk and the teachers for their enthusiasm and efforts. Paul has videotaped all, as taking pictures was difficult because of the lack of sufficient light.
The priest of Hoogstraten, who visited Rwanda 6 times already, made the children wish each other peace by the ‘amahoro’ expression.
Hilde, Treasurer Vleugels van Hoop



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