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Tshumbe Congo 2022
Follow-up 2022






Drilling for water

Location:                  WEMBE, Tshumbe, D.R. Congo

Project leadtime:       max. 5 month

Requestor:               TAKOTSHE WANDJOWO Catherine

Description of the project:

The existing water sources are far away, and it is becoming very difficult to obtain sufficient water in the various applications of drinking water.
It is difficult for the population to get water and the health center is phasing the same issue.
We are forced to spend money to buy water; especially the fuel needed to transport water barrels takes lots of our resources.


We request financial support for drilling a well for the benefit of the population of the parish of Wembe Saint Pierre in Tshumbe.


The entire population of Tshumbe and surroundings.


Total budget is 10,995 dollars (or 9,716 euros).


No risks

Attached documents:

Detailed description and budget of the project


Follow-up of the project

Date:                          July 27th 2022
Name project:           Drilling for water, Tshumbe

General status:

The project is finalized. A big thank you to Vleugels van Hoop for their big generosity and compassion for the situation of lack of drinking water, which caused so many diseases in the area.
We keep on counting on your special attention for us and all those who live in the same situation.

Progress since last status report:

As there was no interim report, the project was completed in less than 5 days!
We now have good quality water; the whole set-up works well supported by the solar panels.

Financial status:

1.Received: $10,995.00
Drilling, transport and taxes:                          $   4.500,00
Materials, PVC, Products, Grind:                      $   3,000.00
Labour:                                                        $   1,500.00
Construction and installation:                         $      500.00
Pump, solar panels and accessories                $   2,500.00
                                                        TOTAL: $ 12,000.00
N.B. reduction of $1.000,00


In this project we had a big issue with delays, with lots of stress, frustration and inability of being able to do something ourselves, and all during 8 months after transfer of the funds by Vleugels van Hoop.

In this very remote province in which the only American having the needed equipment became in and was in the States having a severe treatment, we could not avoid the delays. We hope still, within you means, that you will on supporting us.

Attached documents (pictures, receipts,…):

Receipt and pictures



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