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Uvira Congo 2022
Follow-up 2022






Chicken farm

Location:                      Uvira, South Kivu Province, RD Congo

Project leadtime:         6 months

Requestor:                   YAKOBO RUHENGEKA Delux- Association Communautaires pour le Developpement des Paysans, ACDP asbl.

Description of the project:

In Uvira there are many victims of the natural disasters of torrential rains and the rising waters of Lake Tanganyika. Most of the poultry and small livestock of the victims of the city of Uvira were destroyed by natural disasters.
With the purchase of 140 chickens, the ACDP association wants to contribute to improving the living conditions of 100 vulnerable families.
The actions envisaged include the distribution of chicks and the sale of eggs, broilers or chicks.
70% of the egg production will be distributed to the beneficiaries and 30% will be used for chicken feed, care, chick production, replacement of chickens that die or age. Egg production begins in the second month, yielding a total of 21,000 eggs over 5 months.


- Contribute to improving the living conditions of 100 vulnerable households
- Fighting malnutrition
- Reduce the vulnerability of the victims
- Improving the socio-economic living conditions of affected households
- Production of 21,000 eggs over a period of 5 months, multiplication and distribution of chickens and eggs among the beneficiaries.


a. Direct: 100 households affected by natural disasters
b. Indirectly: all residents of the city of Uvira

Budget :

3237,15 Euro



Attached documents:



Follow-up of the project