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New projects for 'Vleugels van Hoop'

Ronsenaar Lut De Cremer is supporting, together with her colleagues of 'Vleugels van Hoop' vzw, development projects in Burundi en Rwanda. In the beginning of this year Lut went over to inform herself and recently she traveled back to Rwanda.
'Totally unexpected I left again for Burundi and Rwanda.
We stayed 3 days in Mabayi, where the sewing workshop ‘Dushigikire Amahoro I Burundi’ works, and believe me: it works very well'.
We were invited to a presentation of the production. The course participants even waited to sell their sewing products, to First show it to us. It was a real friends reunion, which is even more important. Every participant was present. Even the governor and his spouse, who is also member of ‘Dushigikire Amahoro I Burundi’, were present.. 

In Rwanda we went back to the Socio-Cultural centre ‘Twese Hamwe’ to promise this time our support to the ‘domestic economy 2008’ project and the ‘pastures 2008’ project for Damas Gisimba of the Centre Mémorial Gisimba in Kigali.'

Het Nieuwsblad - Koen Lauwereyns - 18 juli 2008

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